Color between Photoshop and Flash: What's the deal??

Why is it that when you design an image in Photoshop, then move it to Flash (or Dreamweaver, or the Web in general), the appearance can totally change? If this issue has bitten you, spend ten minutes (9:19, actually) watching this new tutorial from our friend Michael Ninness. Myke explains the right color management switches to flip to change the out-of-the-box setup (geared towards a camera-to-print pipeline) to one that better suits Web output.
On a related note, if you’re frequently working between Photoshop and Flash (as evidently lots of people are), check out Myke’s full set of tutorials on the subject, and/or his Photoshop + Flash session at next week’s Flashforward conference in Seattle.
Of course, the fact that this stuff requires classes & tutorials gives us plenty of motivation to make it just work. More on that soon.

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  1. The only part that I find contrary to what is posted on the Adobe FAQ is the use of compensated color. This video (perhaps outdated) says we should not be using color compensation for Save for Web, but the Adobe FAQ says to use Document Profile. I’m using sRGB as my monitor profile, so for me, there is no visual difference. Also, be aware that Proof Setup, while it can be an ally, can also be your worst enemy. So many people edit images to look good on the web not realizing they are previewing it for print. So, when they save it for web, it looks awful. Make sure it’s turned off when you’re adjusting your images for web.

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