Introducing Kuler, Adobe's color harmony RIA

Today Adobe takes the wraps off kuler, a new hosted application for creating and sharing color harmonies.  The best way to experience kuler is to jump right in, but if you want a quick peek, here’s a screenshot.

Written in ActionScript 3, kuler (to quote the FAQ)

"allows users to quickly create harmonious color themes based on predefined color
formulas, or by mixing their own color themes using an interactive color wheel. Color themes can be
created in multiple colorspaces including RGB, CMYK and LAB. Themes can be tagged, shared and
commented on. Users can search the kuler online community for top rated colors, or search for schemes
by tag word or date created. Users of Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications can download any color theme
as an Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ASE) file that can be imported in their preferred creative application and
can be applied on their artwork." 

You can also get readouts of the color values & copy them to the clipboard.

I think that you may, as Ryan Stewart writes, find kuler "strangely engaging."  In any case, I think we’ll look back and see this launch as a milestone, a key moment when Adobe creative tools moved from their desktop-only heritage to a future in which they make connectedness & collaboration first-class parts of the experience.  Good, good stuff.  So, jump in, start creating, and let us know what you think!

[Update: Mordy Golding has posted some more info, and Photoshop News has tons of screenshots.]

0 thoughts on “Introducing Kuler, Adobe's color harmony RIA

  1. Looks like too many of your fans “jumped in”
    [Oh no–did the server melt down? Lots of people have been clicking through. –J.]
    (the NackDot effect…)
    [Hah! I love it. Anyway, the site seems to be working now (2:17PST 11/15). –J.]

  2. Seems broke 🙁
    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
    at adobe.kuler::Kuler/showSection()
    at adobe.kuler::Kuler/adobe.kuler:Kuler::onSelectMenuItem()
    at adobe.kuler::Menu/adobe.kuler:Menu::onClickItem()

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