Big Science: Life-sized whale in Flash, more

0 thoughts on “Big Science: Life-sized whale in Flash, more

  1. Thanks for the Science Friday Assortment. Very interesting stuff, including the whale. Hope those aren’t plastic shopping bags floating by, thought I saw one with VONS.
    [ 😉 –J.]

  2. The lunar transit is so nice it almost looks fake.
    I heard you’re coming to Brazil, Photoshop conference in may. Unfortunately I won’t be in São Paulo to watch the keynote.
    great blog !
    [Cool, thanks. You’ll just have to invite me back to Brazil, then, eh? 😉 –J.]

  3. This is an amazing image and a very creative way of using the Zoomify feature. I have been using CS3 beta for a few months now and experimented with the zoomify feature myself. This image is really inspiring and amazing..
    [Groovy–glad you like it. FYI, the version that will ship in CS3 is functionally the same but has a lot of key bugs fixed. Therefore the output is much, much more usable. –J.]
    I am very happy with CS3. Keep up the good work John. You are on my blogroll at WordPress….
    [Thanks! –J.]

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