Sunday Type: NYC to GA

  • In my office I’ve got a black metal-and-enamel “Bklyn Bridge” sign from the subway station where I used to switch trains when I was new to New York. (No, I didn’t steal the sign–though I didn’t ask the seller a ton of questions.) I miss the city, and I enjoyed reading The (Mostly) True Story of Helvetica and the New York City Subway. [Via]
  • “Mmm… sexy type.” Seb Lester has skills. Check out his lovely F-bomb. [Via]
  • John Boardley of “I Love Typography” has started the My Favorite Letters Flickr Pool where you can share you favorite letters of your favorite typefaces. [Via]
  • Filippo Minelli’s Contradictions project “writing the names of anything connected with the 2.0 life we are living in the slums of the third world is to point out the gap between the reality we still live in and the ephemeral world of technologies.”
  • Type-related quip o’ the month: “The runoff in the Georgia Senate race was won this week by Saxby Chambliss, who is the incumbent Republican senator and not, as I believed, an obscure font.” –Amy Poehler

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