Video: Sneak peek of new Photoshop technologies

Russell Brown showed off some new “from the labs” painting and warping technology during today’s Photoshop World keynote address, and now he’s posted a recording of the demo on Facebook. Check it out!
[Update: Terry White has posted videos of the keynote itself.]
[Update 2: I’ve belatedly figured out how to embed a Facebook-hosted vid, so it’s now inline in this post. Use the fullscreen option to see it in higher resolution.]

17 thoughts on “Video: Sneak peek of new Photoshop technologies

  1. Wow–thanks for the link! Ever since the puppet tool showed up in After Effects, I’ve been wondering why it’s not a part of Photoshop–here’s hoping 🙂
    The painting was interesting; it looked pretty much exactly like the finger paint option in the smudge tool, but the simulated brush heads looked pretty neat.
    Neither features are complete must-have’s, I’ll admit, but they’d be pretty convenient if they made it to csNext. (I already know you guys won’t skimp on the more subtle features-fixes, though 🙂 )

  2. Good stuff John! In the category of new technologies, and perhaps your lovely wife letting you cart the boys on something fun and cool (weather and location permitting, of course),
    look at this:
    (link via @zarias)
    Now that I think about it, you might suggest a whole fleet of these for the Minnesota Adobe Team. Could see a flaming Adobe logo across this thing!

  3. Thank goodness Adobe is experimenting more with painting! I’ve been suffering with (cough! cough!) Corel “Buggy Release” Painter for a few years now, wishing Adobe would release a similar program. I’ve never been disappointed with Adobe products, so here’s hopin’.

  4. Nice, but as a pro photographer they aren’t upgrade decision makers. The warping technology is helpful but not a must have. I would rather see better HDR, more filters, Genuine Fractal type enlargement stuff. Things that will eliminate me from spending extra money on plugins. I spend enough for the programs (PS & Lightroom). I don’t even have a pen tablet. No need for me. This would be nice in the Extended version but I don’t buy Extended.
    [I suppose any time we do one of these sneaks, it’s worth pointing out that what’s disclosed isn’t a comprehensive feature set. (Actually it’s not even promised for any version of Photoshop. It’s just “from the labs.”) Every feature appeals to some audiences more than others, and these aren’t especially photography-oriented features. –J.]

  5. The warping technology looks very promising.
    Sometimes I feel bad for people trying to learn Photoshop at version, what, 11? I almost feel like it’d be good for people to have to learn on version 4, so they get the essentials like layer masks, adjustment layers, free transforms, etc. before delving into all the new features that keep getting added on.

  6. “I would rather see better HDR, more filters, Genuine Fractal type enlargement stuff. Things that will eliminate me from spending extra money on plugins.”
    I disagree with this sentiment.
    I want Adobe to improve Photoshop in ways that plug-ins can’t, while also making Photoshop easier to extend.
    I like that Adobe is making it easier to extend Photoshop, with new tools such as SWF panels and Pixel Bender. These features are a bit rough around the edges now, but are a good start.
    I’d like the ability to add adjustment layers to masks, but that capability couldn’t be added via a plugin.
    I enjoyed the Russel Brown Show at Photoshop World. He poked fun at the Auto-Align tool. He used the tool, selected undo, and applied it again, and got different results. He also gave us a peek at the PS CS5 alpha/beta splash screen 🙂

  7. Two interesting examples of promising basic features enhancements that are clearly within the scope of what PS should deliver as a leading 2D imaging software platform.
    Add to that faster operation with large files (3+ GB) on OSX (open, save,…) and I’ll be happy to spend my cash on CS5. 🙂

  8. Very informative. Morphing technique as in flash is beneficial advantage in upcoming Photoshop versions.

  9. I’d hate to complain again but I’m going to have to. I’m really not going to be excited about these new features until Adobe makes Photoshop just work as advertised. I still have numerous bugs / slowdowns that I keep getting responses like “run disk cleanup” for, even after spending time making screencasts for the support see what’s happening! So I have to keep bugging you here. I wouldn’t do this but I’m just so frustrated, STILL!

  10. I appreciate the glimpse into what you’re working on “in the labs”, but I have to agree with Tarwin. To me this video just sums up everything wrong with the CS Roadmap, and is a window on how Photoshop continues to balloon toward irrelevance.
    A renewed emphasis on speed, stability and simplicity is the only new feature I want to see the lab putting their focus on. I don’t think Adobe has ever been so vulnerable to Apple or Microsoft (or a 3rd party indie developer) mounting a successful challenge to Photoshop. Bendable referees won’t defend you against that challenge. Releasing a solid, less crash prone, lightening quick Photoshop with fewer activation hoops might.
    Please read Merlin Mann’s post on the topic if you haven’t already, he says it as well as anyone.

  11. The new features do look promising. If you can’t eliminate abends/failure of PhotoShop to complete it’s mission, then have some automatic data recovery in Photoshop, but please make it a selectable option.
    And I hope that Adobe might be considering a Public Beta for Photoshop CS5.
    Most of us would like to know how much horsepower is going to be required for Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS5 Extended. And how’s the 64bit edition coming? The way chip technology is leaping; 128bit may not be to far off. I use Photoshop CS4 Extended with far too many plug-ins; but it is my software choice. Keep on innovating Photoshop; just don’t design it so that I need a Cray computer to run it. Thanks, Jim

  12. Big deal, long overdue. “Deluxe Paint” and “Image FX” on the “Amiga” was blending colors on canvas 25 years ago.
    This feature should be a free upgrade honestly; I hope the power of the simulated brush heads is in the application and not just in the Gui display.
    What I would really like from Adobe is
    better HDR, an increase in program speed especially with the
    Smudge and blend operations that slow the fastest CPU’s down to a crawl.
    If Adobe really wants to make noise they should create a true cross over app where you can open and or import tools, filters, menus, & plug-ins (even third party) from within and across the entire Adobe suite enabling you to work on your project be it still image, or Video & Audio.

  13. CS5 already? This feels like Microsoft, only worse. I would agree with the posts that say PS is becoming bloated, and for the first time in 20 years I’m ready to try a competing product.
    Adobe needs to reduce the need for third party plugins and filters for basic things they don’t do well (like upres programs like Genuine Fractals). I don’t need more bloat, and certainly don’t need CS5 when I upgraded to CS4 less than 6 months ago. Their road map is not on my roadmap.

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