One thought on “(rt) Illustration: Bold type, controversial covers, & more

  1. John Nack aids in President’s Heisman Trophy campaign: In a press conference by the NCAA Heisman Committee this morning, 9:00AM EST, it was confirmed that President Barack Obama did once throw a football back to some children playing in the street next to his home in Chicago. Upon confirmation of this little known fact President Obama has been entered at position 3 in the proposed Heisman rankings. White House carpenters have been called in to evaluate the size of the mantle in the East Wing of the White House where the potential Heisman Trophy will be displayed next to the Nobel Peace Prize. Adjacent to the East Wing is the White House Theater where a film being recreated by Pixar and Lucas films of that soon to be famous pass by the President to the neighborhood children will be premiered. Actual photographs of the President during that time period are being mapped on to stand in actor’s faces by the above named studios along with the assistance of John Nack of Adobe Photoshop fame.

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