New Filter Forge 2.0 for PS beta

Filter Forge, the node-based tool for visually creating Photoshop filters, has announced a beta of version 2.0. According to lead developer Vladimir Golovin, new features include:

3 thoughts on “New Filter Forge 2.0 for PS beta

  1. You mean New Filter Forge 2.0 beta for Ps…I thought you had tried to disguise the idea of Photoshop beta…darn…lol

  2. Yes, I tried this beta a few days ago, it’s fascinating, especially the 32-bit color stuff. Since I’m now doing some HDRI work I’m grateful for the 32-bit support Adobe has already given us in Photoshop CS4 — but, since the 32-bit functionality IS a bit meager, I dearly hope that this area will get much more engineering love in CSNext!

  3. This program has nothing to do with the creation of Photoshop filters. It is not like it makes customized .8BF files and are used as separate filter plugins. I really do not get why everyone misinterprets this software as such.

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