3 thoughts on “(rt) Illustration: Amazing concept art, Vintage VDubs, & more

  1. The ‘How to Keep your Volkswagen Alive…” book was/is awesome! Used it to help me combine 3 vw bugs into one…references like ‘look for the thing that looks like dog bone’ was a great tool for the budding mechanic…My poor mom, gas and grease graced our bathroom…and all my dad’s tools lost or broken..
    [Heh. Now, can they tell me how to keep my ’01 Jetta’s sun roof from leaking? Or better yet, how to get someone to buy said Jetta for more than beer money? –J.]

  2. With Capture One the image quality of the pictures would be much better!
    It is a shame that some good Photographers still use crap software tools.

  3. This Peter guy needs professional help, and fast! I haven’t been able to understand anything he’s posted for the last few days, but now he can’t even spell his own name. He’s fading fast, I tell you…

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