"Copy Color Hex Code" added to Photoshop CS5

Last summer, designer Sam Potts made a good suggestion:

The Copy Color as HTML in the color panel is awesome. Everyone uses it all the time. However, times have changed and my guess is that most of the people who use this are writing their colors in CSS. So you always have to delete the color=”” part after you paste it into a style sheet.

It would be awesome to simply have a “Copy Color Hex Code” option and get #CCFF00 instead of the full color=”#CCFF00″ tag.

So it was written, and so it shall be:

Thanks for all the feedback on the subject.

23 thoughts on “"Copy Color Hex Code" added to Photoshop CS5

  1. Great! One might wonder why you have kept the “copy color as html” as the color tag is almost of no use anymore. Isn’t it a case where you could have trimmed the fat?

  2. Finally! This is awesome.
    Let’s see: I have two things why I buy CS5 instantly: You can save a _new_ default setting in Layer Styles and you can copy colour as Hex resp. as HTML. Both easy. But _very_ important to me.
    [Cool; thanks, Thomas. –J.]

  3. This is a great enhancement (I’m happy!) BUT I think it is also a good illustration of the UI complaints people have been making for many years now.
    You’ve correctly identified that now colors are generally specified in CSS.
    So why does the “Copy Color as HTML” option still exist?
    It is taking up valuable menu space
    [The menu space in the Color panel flyout is valuable? Really? I’m all for pruning the UI, but only when there’s a meaningful benefit that outweighs the loss of functionality. In this case I don’t see a reason to cut what’s been working (and thus, I guarantee you, pull a lot of suddenly PO’d people out of the woodwork). –J.]
    and only provides functionality for the subset of users that are not using WYSIWG HTML editor (like Dreamweaver, where you would just paste the Hex code into the properties bar) or are using a plain text editor that doesn’t have HTML code completion (in which case, if they are so ignorant of HTML that they need Photoshop to create the code, what chance do they have of pasting it in the right place?).
    This was a perfect missed opportunity to prune the interface.

  4. I am not sure how I got into the habit of writing color codes with lower case letters in CSS or whether it really matters either way, but it might be nice for there to be an option to use one or the other in case people have preferences.

  5. Why can’t simple fixes like this be added to CS4 as a point release?
    [Well, for one thing it’s very disruptive to issue any updates that change the app’s behavior. That means time taken away from developing the next version. In other words, it’s much more efficient to make the changes during a regular product cycle, when the proverbial cement is wet all over.
    For another thing, what’s wrong with charging for things that add real value, whether they be big or small? People like to drop in here and advocate for a Snow Leopard-style release (in other words, focusing on the details–and presumably charging an equivalent amount). We’ve opted to mix the big with the small, and we think that both are worth paying for. You can of course vote with your wallet. –J.]

  6. 1. It should’ve only copied the hex to begin with. I’m skeptical it should even include the # at this point.
    2. The fact that you are keeping the old option is a small but very meaningful example of how screwed up the design of Photoshop is at this point.
    +1 to thinsoldier’s “Why wasn’t this added to a point release.”
    [See my reply above. –J.]
    You are clearly terrified of removing the tiniest feature even if it is terrible and nobody is using it.
    [Counterpoint. –J.]
    Photoshop has become bloated and the usefulness of new features has declined significantly over the last few releases.
    I am not a proponent of reinventing the wheel or rewriting perfectly functional code, what I suggest is that you at least consider rethinking the fundamental approach behind your creative tools and their associated workflows before someone else does it for you, otherwise Photoshop and Illustrator will share the same fate as Premiere.
    [Running circles around Final Cut Pro, you mean? –J.]

  7. You should have had the balls to just remove the utterly pointless HTML option.
    “Less but better” – Dieter Rams

  8. Remove “Copy Color as HTML” and add “Copy Color as RGB” instead. Output of that would be … rgb(rrr,ggg,bbb) … which is very helpful in many cases (and is valid in CSS too, btw.)

  9. Great addition, though it should really be a change rather than addition.
    color=”” isn’t a supported attribute in recent versions of html and by recent we’re talking html4 strict, ie. not very new at all.
    Please just remove the faulty HTML option

  10. I love the RGB/RGBa idea (maybe in CS6? hehe). I can understand why Adobe doesn’t want to rock the boat & remove the color= version if their users are still using it, but I think it wouldn’t hurt to prod people away from “color=” and more toward web standards while we’re at it πŸ˜‰

  11. The color picker dialog in S4W will allow you to copy the hex values. The Help document is only referring to the flyout menu option.
    Yes, it would be more thorough to add the flyouts to the color picker dialogs.

  12. Do you mean, there’s no ‘Paste Color’s Hex Code’ menu item?
    You can paste a Hex Code from the clipboard into the color picker input field, but it does require a couple more steps.

  13. I was referring to the hex field in the “Save for Web” matte dialog β€” it’s a long standing and infuriating bug in PS Mac.

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