Attend Photoshop World, get a free year of Creative Cloud

Very cool. To quote a very excited-sounding Scott Kelby:

As I’m writing this, I gotta tell ya — I can’t believe it myself, but Adobe is giving everyone who attends the upcoming Photoshop World Conference & Expo (Sept 4-6, 2013) in Vegas, a FULL one year Adobe Creative Cloud membership. I am just floored!

That’s a $600 membership, because you get it all!!! Photoshop CC, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Muse, Dreamweaver, and on and on, and it all comes with your paid full conference registration. […]

You can sign up right now for a full conference pass for $598 (or just $498 if you’re already a NAPP member). Here’s the link. This is you’re best deal….well…ever!

34 thoughts on “Attend Photoshop World, get a free year of Creative Cloud

  1. How does that effect people that already have paid memberships.? Do you know or should we ask someone else?
    [Scott’s post says, “and yes, if you’re already a CC subscriber, they’ll EXTEND your subscription by 12-months.” –J.]

  2. Brilliant cross marketing… KT pulls in marginal decision attendees to conference and Adobe obtains a new generation of lemmings…
    CC is like winning a TV and free all channel cable for a year. If you want to use the TV after a year… Well you get my drift.
    [It took more than 2.5 hours for a snarky comment like this to show up; I’d have bet on less. –J.]

    1. While supplying a free year subscription to PSW attendees could be considered a gift, it is not what I would consider an altruistic one. In the past where it might be possible to win a CS(insert version here) full release the recipient could use it until..
      To continue using the subscription after the year ends, the recipient must pay monthly or lose the use of the gift. One could view this as similar to a crack dealer who hands out the first few hits for free, knowing the user will have to pay dearly to continue.
      It brings to mind the expression, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”.

    2. That’s because the people who would normally make snarky comments about the Creative Cloud are no longer checking your blog regularly.
      When Adobe treats us like rats, and we’ll treat Adobe like a sinking ship.

    3. After that year of usage, you would still have your previous versions, wouldn’t you?
      I don’t get the comments that say that having a free perpetual version would be nice, but getting a free creative cloud subscription is the proof that the company is sinking…
      That said, I’d love to know how many subscriptions were renewed after the first year of rebates. My concern is that many might find the reduced price acceptable, but the full price harder to justify, for hobbyists, that is.
      But I do get the concerns about backwards compatibility (especially for programs others than Ps, that is the best in that regard) or the fact that it would be nice to have something after a given subscription time (but one still has everything created in that period)
      I’m saddened also by the voices that imply that John and other front men do not fight for the customers internally. I know that he exposed the benefits of going full subscription from a program manager point of view, but that does not make him blind from the customers’ positions.

    4. John,
      So are you now actually craving or missing snarky comments? I have given up hope they would do any good. Only thing I have left is to take my money elsewhere, and that seems to me that Adobe is ok with that.
      My entry cost subscription runs out this month. This wasn’t a bad deal to try out the master suite. I just don’t see a need to renew at the standard rate, and I really find it distasteful how Adobe is reacting to your customer concerns.
      Oh well, time to find something else to do, I can go back to CS5 which was enough for my real needs. Good luck to you, it seems like you really are a nice guy, but treatment of customers like this has a history of not working out long term.
      (I don’t know if this qualified as snarky, but it was honest)

  3. I’ve been to PSW a couple times before and enjoyed it a lot, worth every penny to me and my employer. I remember how po’d SK was with the single version back upgrade deal last year (or was that 2011). Looks like NAAP just rolled over on the CC rent-to-never-own issue. I figured if I went again all I’m going to get is CC jammed down my throat, and lo and behold. CC – an idea so bad Adobe needs to give it away.
    [That must be why Adobe stock is at an all-time high. (I mention this simply because a number of CC opponents saw the stock decline by a buck or two following the announcement & concluded that everyone must hate the idea. I haven’t heard them making that claim lately. In any case, I’m not in a position to share sales numbers. As many others have noted, time will tell how the overall customer base & market respond.) –J.]

    1. I never said you can’t make money on a bad idea. It just seems to me that the CC business model will forever be a thorn in the side of the little guy/gal – whether it’s someone like me whos employer ‘only’ does 50m in business a year and has used PS since version 2.5 or a bright, intellegent young creative with better math skills than I.
      Until there’s some kind of reward for loyalty woven into the CC model I’ll stand on the CS6 MC and plan my work around that. And that is what I’m reccomending to my professional peers. And you’re right John, nobody @Adobe (and by extension groups like NAAP) will probably even notice an entire group of users fall off the radar screen.
      [*I* notice, and I care—a lot. I don’t trivialize anyone’s concerns, especially when I report them to the decision makers here. I just bristle a bit at the “Adobe needs to give it away” assertion. –J.]

      1. *replying to J’s comment about giving it away*.
        I can appreciate you bristling over the ‘giving it away’ comment, but in fairness… when a company first starts with heavy discounts (40% soon after the official launch), followed by a large number of freebies…(more than in the history of Adobe that I can recollect),…this sends a ton of red flags flying in my opinion. Perpetual sale/discount/incentives always signals trouble!
        I am one of the many who is still sitting on the fence waiting for the next discount or spiff or change in policy. I cannot remember when Adobe gave away that many ‘accesses’ to their programs. I understand it is just a years subscription but depending on what pricing model you are looking at it ranges somewhere between 600k and 1.4 million based on roughly 2500 attendees to PSW.
        That is alot of product giveaway!

  4. I guess I am a little surprised by the pessimism shown but John, this is a great idea. I am grateful for this opportunity to test drive CC and maybe it will switch me over. What is wrong with you people? Adobe has done a great thing here to help chart a new future for software and production UI. It is thrilling and an opportunity for the next generation to learn and advance their knowledge and careers. The stock is up and sales are up because of Adobe’s trailblazing ideas. Good work John, I hope you are going. Oh yes will the CC affect in any way my PS6 or do I need another computer to run the CC?

    1. Tom, I know you blocked me on Twitter because of a message of yours I misread, but you never answered the question about the adobe2014 site, if you could contact the owner so that he/she can update it with the 2Q13 figures. The curve is going up, making the action requested more stringent…

  5. In reply to TLL and Kim Aston:
    I will take issue with all that. At my level of business peers, we all have had to change our models from a little to a great deal in this new world order. Adobe is showing many which way the wind is blowing to create a solid growth curve, and simply that is what once was unheard of now is normal. I have dropped my prices by 30% and give 3 times more service and throw in things we never even did. My competition has all closed. I am alive. A friend of mine owns a deli that is the best in town. His people call everyone on the phone by name when your favorite soup is available that day with a discount and a free drink too with the invitation to eat. His line is out the door every day. His competition have all closed. Who is in trouble?

    1. Are you actually trying to compare a neighbourhood deli to a multi-national company? I would be living in a dream world if someone from Adobe knew me by name! It would seem to me that somewhere between 8-9 million ….some estimates are as high as 12 million…customers, are out there that have not bought into the new pricing model. Adobe does not seem to care that I have been a loyal customer since Photoshop 7! I have upgraded every version since, but i am not doing is one.
      Maybe Adobe needs to knock on my front door or personally call me with an offer I cant refuse…like program retention on cancellation to reward me for my years of loyal customer service.

      1. Thanks Kim, but yes, I am comparing them. The only difference between the two is many zeros after the one. That quote was made by many billionaires in many instances and is quite logical. And yes, they probably should call you personally. I would because you are the reason that Adobe became what it is. Your loyalty has built Adobe from the beginning. Perhaps they have not had the opportunity. If you go to Vegas look for one of the key people like John, you might be surprised how easy they are to talk with.

        1. I have no plans at this time to upgrade to CC so flying to another country to go to a conference focusing on a version of software I do not plan on purchasing, and dealing with the exchange rate… not a prudent financial decision.
          I agree with you that Adobe should be doing something for their longstanding customers, but i am not going to hold my breath while waiting.

      2. Wow
        “program retention on cancellation to reward me for my years of loyal customer service.”
        Ding, ding, ding! Now there’s some creative thinking for “new world order”. As sson as I see something like this for CC, I’ll be on board. Until then nope, sorry no deal…

  6. I’m sure you’ll bear up under all these snarky comments, John.
    They’re the lunatic fringe with will simply boil off in due course.
    CC is great and I think it represents a whole new phase for Adobe.

    1. Hmmm lunatic…yet another derogatory term for those who are in disagreement!
      Fringe….are you referring to the millions of customers who have not yet jumped on the bandwagon? Hardly a peripheralical or marginal group…..

      1. “Lunatic fringe” is an extreme or eccentric minority within a society or group.
        You complainers are a minority, despite your delusory convictions to the contrary. I know it’s distressing to feel left out or let down or betrayed.
        But weak minds are denied the fruits of observation. If you could only look without your irrational biases, you’d see the wisdom of Adobe’s new business model.
        If you’d only put more attention on becoming more productive and spend less time complaining like you have been, you’d be better able to afford Adobe’s great tools.

        1. Resorting to insults is very unbecoming. Assuming that I cannot afford “adobes great tools” is a huge error in judgement on your part. You seem to be the one who is irrational.

  7. BTW: This offer also applied to education – students & faculty who sign-up for PSW for $149 get 12-months of CC

  8. I am asking myself why are so many people so passionate about their resistance to CC. Then it jumped in to my head-it is like making the perfect 100 dollar bill, you can’t counterfeit it. The new CC eliminates a counterfeit knock off completely. That is genius. Microsoft cut deals with the Ukranians and the black market but Adobe did not.In 2 or 3 generations it will effectively cut the black market sale of all Adobe software. That is worth an easy billion dollars. This is pure genius.

    1. Ok so those with an opinion that is different than yours are lunatic, delusional, weak minded, unproductive, lacking financial stability, irrational, criminals!
      Wow! ….unreal.

    2. CC has been available as a pirated copy from week one. Counterfeit certainly wasn’t on adobe’s mind when they created this model.

  9. John, I’m already registered for PSW. How would I take advantage of extending my CC subscription?

  10. I can’t believe that even when something is given away, people can still find fault. In a conversation today about this very subject someone said “when did it become a bad thing for both parties to do well? It’s a win win.” The public has become so jaded that even a good thing, a FREE thing, is cause for complaining. If you don’t want it, don’t take it. It’s that simple.
    If this deal was for a blue sweater, the complaints would be that it’s the wrong color or style or size…..
    Really people get a grip and move on. Life is too short.

    1. Sorry but that sounds naive to me. Adobe is not actually giving something away for free with this action – in the sense of true friendliness. It will not hinder people finding this aggressive marketing campaign generous. New customers as a matter of fact get nothing more get an extended test version. They likely start liking the products as they are good. They start creating content they want to keep – oh surprise – suddenly they are hooked. Existing users – especially those who were hesitant in terms of renting software also get a smooth red carpet rolled out, enjoy what appears them as a present and end up as regular renters of software they’ll never own. As much as I dislike what “Creative Cloud” actually is – I can only admire it’s effectiveness as a business model. There probably was enough money in the pot to give every licensed user on the planet the same “present”. Then latest Adobe had won.

    2. What you’re witnessing here is called “follow the free” (i couldn’t find an english article on that one) which closely resembles “Loss Leader” ( In our special case here, it comes with a certain lock in, which is why it’s a powerful tool. And this is also, why it’s the sensible thing to do for adobe.
      And: no, _not_ taking this gift does not make you a lunatic or a bad person. Yes, this is free. But there are “strings attached”.

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