"They're called 'Millennials,' and they're terrible"

Heh–it doesn’t have much to do with this blog, but I got a kick out of it: the Millennials in the Workplace Training Video.

[Via the millennial Bianca Giaever]

4 thoughts on “"They're called 'Millennials,' and they're terrible"

  1. Good video, but it doesn’t handle the situation of them authorising $10k of expenditure that they had no right to do. Still, it’s a very good start.

    1. John. You obviously learnt nothing from the video on how to respond to Name Surname. Though you posted it at 10:35 (right when Name Surname would have become aware of time) you did not account for them being 40 minutes late and they will probably never see your reply. It would have been better to post your response at 11.15. You did not offer him a promotion for posting and there was no praise about what a good job he had done.
      [Hah. –J.]

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