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New Photoshop shortcuts for layer visibility, locking

Having an excessive interest in keyboard shortcuts (I once wrote an edition of a book dedicate to this subject), I’m delighted to see some welcome tweaks arriving in Photoshop CC. According to Julieanne Kost’s blog:

  • Cmd-comma hides/shows the currently selected layer(s)
  • Cmd-opt-comma shows all layers
  • Cmd-slash locks/unlocks the currently selected layer(s)
  • Cmd-opt-slash unlocks all layers

(On Windows substitute Ctrl-Alt for Cmd-Opt) [Via Jeff Tranberry]

A semi-forgotten gem in Picasa: Face movies

Google’s Picasa (one of the apps for which I’m now responsible) offers a rather magical time-lapse feature called Face Movies. Select a range of photos (e.g. by clicking the automatic face cluster for a person appearing in your library), then choose Create->Movie->From Faces in Selection. You’ll instantly get something like this:

I whipped one up featuring my son Henry, immediately getting my wife’s delight & requests for more.

A rather slick demo of Adobe Shape + Illustrator Draw

I’d missed the news that Adobe’s mobile vector OG (available since the launch of the iPad), Ideas, has been renamed Illustrator Draw. Much more interestingly, it now features French curves plus integration with the new Creative Cloud library panel. Here Scott Belsky & Geoff Dowd show how you can use Adobe Shape to capture & vectorize artwork, use it in Draw, and then take everything into Illustrator:


A charming drone failsafe fail

Heh—here’s a fun bit of storytelling through… well, you’ll see. PetaPixel provides the set up:

One of the most useful features built into the DJI drones is something called ‘Return to Home.’ If the drone gets out of range of your controller, instead of dropping out of the sky, it automatically uses GPS data to zoom back to the launch point.

Cool right? Only one problem… what if there’s a massive cliff face in the way?


Bonus drone goodness courtesy of PP, this time involving Nerds of the French Forest:

[YouTube 1 & 2]

Aperture->Lightroom migration tool now available

Adobe has posted an Aperture importer. PetaPixel writes,

Once you’re up and running in Lightroom, just click on File -> Plug-In Extras -> Import from Aperture Library (or iPhoto Library), select the location of your Aperture Library, select a folder you’d like to import into, and click Import. Both originals and altered versions of the photos in your library will be imported automatically.

You can click on Options to customize the import, but basic info that will be carried over includes: Flags, Star Ratings, Keywords, GPS Data, Rejects, Hidden Files, Color Labels, Stacks, and Face Tags. Those last three will be imported as keywords.