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“Women Photoshop Their Own Bodies On An App”

Here’s a three-minute tour of why beautification features are a touchy subject—desired & disturbing at the same time.

A few sample quotes:

  • “I feel really gross hitting this checkmark because it’s like I’m validating everything I’ve just done.”
  • “It automatically gets rid of all these freckles like it’s something that’s a bad thing.”
  • “I was more affected by it than I thought I would be.”
  • “If you start seeing your friends doing something like this, and you don’t know that they’re doing it, then you start to think that real people look like this.”
  • “You would be disappointed that you’re not a Photoshop.”

Of course there was an entire South Park episode on just this subject—biting & hilarious. Too bad it’s apparently not online at the moment.

[Update: FWIW on the list of top 50 free apps in Korea, 5 are for beautification. The list in China features three. The list in the US features zero. —Via Eunyoung Kim]


[YouTube 1 & 2]

“I backed up 24,280 photos to Google Drive. What happened next blew my mind”

I love Dylan Tweney’s reaction to what Google can create from photos:

In short, Google had reached into the depths of an overwhelmingly large photo library, identified some highlights, and put them together in a way that surprised and delighted me.

And animation is great for

conveying the spirit of the event more concisely than I could have done in any number of words.

I’ve had similar experiences, including the time that our deceased beloved wiener dog came back to life (or at least to motion) when a burst of photos became a looping GIF.