Monthly Archives: December 2016

New Snapseed update tweaks Text, Perspective, and more

Just a little sprucing up for the holidays:

Both on iOS and Android, text in the Text tool can now be easily centered vertically and horizontally. Also, we’ve refreshed the presets of the Face filter, giving more options for fast and easy enhancements.

On Android, the Perspective tool brings back the old horizontal and vertical adjustment modes that many users asked for. With this addition, Perspective lets you apply any kind of transformation and perspective adjustment you can think of.

Also on Android, you can now choose the target folder for exporting a photo, allowing you to store it on an SD card or elsewhere. To enable it, just go to the settings menu for exports.



Fascinating: How undersea Internet cables are built & laid

“Envision a blimp flying over the country, and then we’re laying the cable from the blimp.”

I really enjoyed the latest piece from Google’s Nat & Lo, showing how networks are physically connected (interactive map) among continents.

The internet allows us to see videos, photos, and news from anywhere in the world almost instantaneously. But how?! In this video we learn about the hundreds of underwater fiber optic cables that connect continents, cities, and data centers all over the world –– and investigate how these cables are made, how they’re installed, and more.



Come work with my friends at Google & Adobe

Maybe this seems like a long shot, but the amazing Eric Chan (who’s now been a key part of Camera Raw for the better part of a decade) once saw a listing on my blog, so who knows? Good luck!

[Via David Lieb & Jeff Tranberry]


Film: 808s, not heartbreaks

This documentary looks super fun and interesting—and not just for Afrika Bambaataa’s tremendous eye furniture.

808, the heart of the beat that changed music. The acclaimed documentary that chronicles the incredible legacy of the TR808 drum machine will be exclusively available on Apple Music December 9th 2016. Discover the iconic records, artists and producers influenced by the 808’s unique beats and find out the secret behind its sudden discontinuation.



A beautiful 3D visualization of NYC taxi traffic

Check out the latest from all-time great Robert Hodgin (anybody here old enough to remember Flight 404?):

Taxi, Taxi! is 1 of 4 different pieces we created exclusively for the towering video wall. It uses NYC Open Data taxi data plotted against routes created with Open Street Map which is displayed within a 3D model of New York City. It is designed to run in realtime and was created with the Cinder C++ coding framework.