Photography: The beautifully dramatic microstructures of “Chemical Garden II”

I see echoes of The Upside Down in these beautiful macro videos (and still images) showing chemical processes unfolding:

When a piece of metal salt is dropped in the solution of sodium silicate, a membrane of insoluble metal silicate is formed. Due to the osmotic pressure, water enters the membrane and breaks it, generating more insoluble membranes. This cycle repeats and the salt grows into all kinds of interesting forms. This film recorded the osmotic growth of 6 salts inside sodium silicate solution. The growth is so life-like, no wonder Stéphane Leduc thought it might have something to do with the mechanism life over 100 years ago.


[Vimeo 1 and 2]

One thought on “Photography: The beautifully dramatic microstructures of “Chemical Garden II”

  1. This is very good video, I did the same with Sodium silicate, when I was 13, 53 years ago. Most large department stores had chemistry sets and chemical for sale to do the same. Americas education of chemistry has gone downhill since that time. Your blog is so good. Keep it up.

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