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“The Michelangelo of Microsoft Excel”

I find this Quixotic quest to be roughly 50 kinds of charming:

When Tatsuo Horiuchi retired, he decided to try his hand at art. But instead of spending money on paints and brushes, Horiuchi used what he already had pre-installed on his computer—Microsoft Excel. Now, the 77-year-old artist is creating remarkably intricate digital masterpieces of the Japanese landscape, all on the free graphing software.




Design: A musical AR visual synthesizer

How might the world look if populated by 3D shapes tied to musical beats? Artist Oscar López Rocha imagines it:

I followed the “karaoke” principle in this project, lyrics appearing while music is playing. Instead of these, I’ve changed them for geometrical bodies appearing to the rhythm of a song to create visual 3D compositions in real places where I’ve passed by sometime and captured in DSLR video.


[Via Alex Powell]

A great interview with a graphic designer for film

Years ago I loved getting to go behind the scenes on 24, CSI, and other Hollywood productions to see how prop designers put Photoshop through its paces (shattering ribs, burning out cars, and more—all in a matter of minutes). In that vein, I really enjoyed this 99% Invisible interview with designer Annie Atkins:

When a new movie comes out, most of the praise goes to the director and the lead actors, but there are so many other people involved in a film, and a lot of them are designers. There are costume designers and set designers, but also graphic designers working behind the scenes on every single graphic object that you might need in a film. It’s Annie Atkins’s job to design them.

I think you’ll dig it, too.


Google & the Discovery Channel team up on VR

Looks cool:

You can take in Discovery TRVLR for yourself using Google’s Daydream headset (or Google Cardboard). The show will be viewable on YouTube,, and on the Discovery VR app.

In La Paz, meet female wrestlers giving hope to domestic violence victims. Then cap it all off riding alongside a polar explorer through ice caves and the frozen tundra of Antarctica. 

See Engadget for more details.