MAX Sneak: Morpheus edits faces in video

What if Photoshop’s breakthrough Smart Portrait, which debuted at MAX last year, could work over time? One may think this is an easy task as all that is needed is to apply Smart Portrait for every frame in the video. Not only is this tedious, but also visually unappealing due to lack of temporal consistency.  […]

Adobe MAX starts now!

The keynote begins at 9am Pacific today, and Kenan Thompson hosts sneaks at 9am tomorrow. Come check it out! The list of speakers (from Tilda Swinton & Bryan Cranston to Aaron Draplin & Casey Neistat) is wild, and there are 400+ sessions planned across myriad disciplines & themes. sneak: Iris Blur

Hardware-accelerated selective blurs with direct manipulation? Yes please. For your convenience I’ve grouped these sneak-peek videos in a single category. Side note–and I debate whether to mention this: there’s no real need to comment (as someone does on every sneak), “What, that’s all there is…?”–because no, that’s not all there is. A peek is, by […]

Sneak Peek: InDesign liquid layout

Remember how I’m always going on about Adobe helping make HTML more capable of doing rich, print-style layouts? How might that benefit people? PM Kiyo Toma gives a sneak preview of how InDesign’s evolving to create lightweight, dynamic HTML layouts for tablets and other devices: HTML & CSS are only growing in importance to digital […]

Adobe Creative Developer Tour announced

Okay, my Suite-enhancing geeks, this one’s for you: The CS Developer Tour is coming to Singapore, New York, LA, and Munich this fall, aimed at helping system integrators, developers, and Adobe Solution Partners get busy extending the Creative Suite. Highlights, according to the site: Extensibility – Efficiently develop and deploy extensions that work across Adobe […]