PhotoStamps now live in Elements

Direct upload to has gone live in Photoshop Elements and the free Photoshop Album Starter Edition, with Bridge integration to follow. I had a great experience with the service this summer, creating a stamp for use on wedding thank-you notes. People were amazed, and several clipped and saved the cancelled stamps. (I finally convinced them that the stamps were legit, though I’m not sure they’ll ever believe that I didn’t fake the rainbow. ;-))

0 thoughts on “PhotoStamps now live in Elements

  1. Sounds great, but US only (at the moment) so not for us here in Yoorp.
    One suggestion – it is really annoying to open up software, see lots of facilities on offer then find they are only available in another country (ok, so you’re lucky, it’s YOUR country).
    This happens in Acrobat PictureTasks, and of course in Photoshop Elements. Any way to link this in with localisation?
    Maybe through web updates?

  2. Sally, you make some good points. Because Adobe works with partners to deliver these services, it’s not always possible to have the same offerings worldwide. Let me see what I can find out from the services team. –J.

  3. Awwww! So handsome!
    I wandered here while trying to find out how to change the default save directory in Starter Edition 3.2, an answer which is apparently not to be found online anywhere. 🙁

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