Photoshop mobile authoring sneak, more

At risk of swamping you with MAX coverage, I wanted to pass along a bit more info.  Jen deHaan has posted in-depth coverage of the Day 2 keynote, and Matt Woodward offers complementary coverage (PDF). Jen’s notes mention some new hooks for doing mobile authoring from Photoshop:

  • Using, Bill has Café Townsend open. Before he hands it over to the developer, he wants to make sure the design looks correct.
  • In Photoshop, he selects "Save for Web and Devices."
  • He clicks the button at bottom to preview content, and it opens mobile emulator — a newer version of mobile emulator that we’re working on. Making sure that image size, display, alignment is OK for the designer. Can check that it works on a variety of devices. You can change things like brightness, make sure that the contrast is OK when the phone is indoors, outdoors, etc.

This, like the Photoshop/Dreamweaver and Photoshop/Flash integration shown yesterday, elicited spontaneous applause from the crowd–always music to a product manager’s ears. 🙂

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  1. Hey John!
    I’m sorry but this comment is really off topic. The thing is I wrote this post, a while ago, and a part of it concerns Adobe. I’ve been thinking what would be the best way to get the message of the post to Adobe and I finally decided to post in as a comment on someone’s blog – and you’re the “victim”…
    To add to the article I later found out that a local store sells Adobe products – including Flash.

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