Type bits: What fonts come with CS3; Why Web type sucks; more

Time for another round up of interesting typographical bits:

  • Creative Suite 3 ships with quite a few fonts.  Thomas Phinney lists ’em here.
  • The type designers at Vier5 are adamant that "you cannot work with modern pictures and at the same time use the typefaces of the last 50 years. The time for these typefaces is gone," and that only their new designs will suffice. The commentariat at Design Observer promptly takes ’em to the woodshed.
  • I came across a short & interesting video on letterpress printing–worth a look despite the terribly mannered speaking style. [Via]
  • A panel discussion at SXSW is captured in this podcast on why "Web typography sucks" [Via] . [Update: the presentation slides are here (thanks, Thomas).]
  • Hoping to counter the suckage, CSS Zen Garden presents Tips for Timeless Type . It’s funny: we’ve come so far from when I started on the Web (tsk tsking at print designers who asked me to change the leading of body copy), and yet I still can’t get the point sizes on this blog to look consistent in Firefox vs. Safari & IE.
  • CreativePro features a piece about opening up to OpenType–leveraging the power of this very rich format.  Scroll to the bottom for a quick visual demo of the power of alternate characters in punching up a type treatment–something I put to good (hopefully not gratuitous) use on the programs for our wedding.
  • Ever wonder what comic book onomatopoeia would look like in Arabic?  (Who hasn’t, I know.) Wonder no more. [Via]
  • The edict not to "risk sounding ridiculous" in various languages is illustrated through word balloons.  Hopefully when me talk German one day, I sounded a bit better than this. [Via Dirk Meyer]
  • Think setting type on a computer can be a drag? Your ancestors faced tuberculosis & lead poisoning, not to mention death by Grape-Nuts.

0 thoughts on “Type bits: What fonts come with CS3; Why Web type sucks; more

  1. Nice comment on Design Observer about Vier5’s post-post-modernist use of TNR on their website.
    Perhaps TNR is the new black? I do hope not 🙁

  2. Regarding CS3 Fonts – The bigger question is how to stop Adobe from screwing up your font management strategy by installing all these fonts? Trying to remove them can lead to the products not working if you don’t know what you’re doing. – Can’t there be an option in the installer, not to do it, or to let the user specify where they go?

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