After Effects CS3 roars on 8-core Mac

"As you know," writes Rob Morgan of benchmarking site Bare Feats, "we’ve been fishing for an application that, by itself, can justify the purchase of an 8-core Mac Pro. I think we have found it: Adobe After Effects CS3."

According to the site, AECS3’s ability to spawn multiple processes & render multiple frames at once is "like creating a ‘render farm’ within a single Mac" and produces some great results: e.g. doing in 35 seconds on an 8-core Mac what a quad-core G5 needed 155 seconds to accomplish.  Bitchin’.  I think that longtime AE interface designer/newly minted AE Product Manager Michael Coleman may have more details to share on his blog soon. Also note that AECS3 is available for download as a public beta via Adobe Labs. [Via Fergus Hammond]

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