New Filter Forge: Make your own Photoshop filters

The crew behind Filter Forge, the Photoshop plug-in that lets you roll your own filters, have announced three new versions of the application.  Filter Forge consists of a node-based editor used for assembling a series of mathematical operations into a filter.  $99 gets you access to the repository of community-generated filters; $199 gets you standard filter creation; and $299 buys the ability to enable more advanced modules (e.g. 32-bit processing).  I haven’t gotten to try it yet myself (no Mac version yet, as far as I can see, and I’ve yet to install Parallels or the like), but I love the idea of democratizing the creation and sharing of Photoshop components.

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  1. Also take a look at Filtermeister
    ( which allows to write your own filters based on the C language. Unfortunately also for Windows only.
    [Cool, will do; thanks for the tip. –J.]

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