Photographic pondering

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  1. Anything New in Photoshop?
    [I’m not sure why you’re asking. Are you saying you don’t think I should blog about anything that isn’t specifically about Photoshop? –J.]

  2. At least the NFL didn’t put a send to Kinkos link on the ball! 🙂 Photographers need to boycott Canon and Reebok and hopefully they can resist the lure of the NFL and just stop covering the games – the lead sports page photo could say: “No photo available as we won’t prostitute our players to the NFL.” They will get their attention.

  3. I sent a letter to Chuck Westfall protesting Canon doing this. He graciously responded (we’ve know each other since we met at the University of Missouri School of Journalism) by passing my comment on to their marketing department. He’s a complete pro, and a good guy.
    As for amateur photographers killing off professional photographers’ careers, no serious photographer believes that nonsense.
    If it fills the need for stupid pictures like lineups of people at country clubs for the society page being made by reporters with point-and-shoots, all the better to let us pro photographers spend our time making photos that mean something!

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