Adobe kuler RIA adds new capabilities

A new version of kuler, Adobe’s popular rich Internet application for color exploration and sharing, has just launched.  New features:

  • Use color extraction to quickly and automatically generate a color theme from any uploaded photo or other image. Explore different moods, such as bright or muted, to see different colors, or drag the markers to select colors. [Hit "Create" over in the left-hand navigation, then select "From an Image" at upper-left.]
  • Endless favorites: Now save as many themes as you like, and browse them in your Mykuler area
  • Browse by Random (randomly selected) themes, in addition to Highest Rated, Newest, and Most Popular

Enjoy! [Via Sami Iwata]

0 thoughts on “Adobe kuler RIA adds new capabilities

  1. Are Adobe ever going to do a kuler that _does not_ share the pallets with other users? All I want is a swatch-set that works throughout the Adobe range. But I don’t want to be sharing corporate colours. Where’s a personal Kuler coming?

  2. From the kuler team: When you save a theme, you can choose to save it as private (in your Mykuler folder and only you can see it) or public (in your Mykuler folder and shared with the community). Hope that helps!

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