Type as illustrations & more

Letters as shapes:


  • Cameron Moll talks about techniques for designing with type characters–creating shapes and illustrations using just letterforms.  "Don’t attempt this in one sitting. I take it back–this is the most important tip. Not only is type character designing extremely time consuming, it’s also monotonous work that requires a constant zoom in, zoom out dance to get things right."
  • He points out some cool examples of these techniques in action, including the all-type design for the Seed Conference.  (I know I’m betraying my age & lack of CSS currency, but I’m surprised by the typographic fidelity that’s possible in modern Web browsers.)
  • He also points to Veer’s Flash-based Type City, an interactive journey through buildings made from letterforms.  (Lovely letterpress prints of the pieces are available.)
  • Related bits from the archives: Bembo’s Zoo is a fun bestiary from Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich & Matteo Bologna’s; click any letter to see it turn into an animal made from letters.  If that’s up your alley, peep their follow-up in the type-based portraiture in Words at Play.


On other fronts:


  • I haven’t tried it myself, but Macworld reviews & recommends Path Styler Pro for creating stylized type & logos.

3 thoughts on “Type as illustrations & more

  1. Hi John,
    Just a comment about the Adobe Photoshop Website. I am not seeing a link to the White Papers on any of the pages, be it the main page, the Design Lab, the Pro Photographers link, etc. Why do you guys have them so buried? The only reason I know the link for them is that I read it on your blog and bookmarked it.
    You would think that you would want to have an easy to find link to articles written by John Paul Caponigro or Jeff Schewe, among others. Any chance someone can spend some time and create a tutorial page that links too all of these articles? Thanks.

  2. Today, I was thinking about a future Adobe purchase. And realized – Adobe is missing the game BIG TIME!
    You see, I would like to buy Lightroom. But I see no purpose in buying Lightroom 1.x when 2.0 is just on the horizon.
    And the last thing Adobe wants is for me to jump ship to Aperture in the meantime. Though this is unlikely as I still use PC at home. But it got me thinking.
    Dear Adobe,
    Please let me “pre-buy” Adobe Lightroom 2.0, and in the meantime, let me download Lightroom 1.x and use it until 2.0 is released.
    I realized this is a brilliant strategy. It would reduce the amount of churn lost to Apple’s Aperture. While at the same time bringing more Adobe users into the Lightroom environment. In particular, those like me waiting for the 2.0 release.

  3. PathStyler is great. Very similar to ArtText. Terrific bevel and texture tool for type. Both are very reminiscent of the ol’ KPT 5 ShapeShifter.

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