Sunday Type: Big grass, free fonts, & more

  • Dig the crazy, viscous, dimensional lettering of Alex Trochut (under the “Works” link; yes, nav is annoying, but don’t let that stop you). [Via]
  • Grass-type gets big in Here Lies Street-Art by D.O.C.S.
  • Glyphs runneth over in this Typographic Sculpture from Richard J. Evans [Via Marc Pawliger]
  • Free fonts:
    • Mårten Nettelbladt heavy-duty MISO is handsome–and gratis. [Via]
    • Designfeed lists Quad & others. (Oh Quad, I have plans for you.)

2 thoughts on “Sunday Type: Big grass, free fonts, & more

  1. I thought one of the most interesting things about the Trochut link was about how his grandfather (who he never met) was an accomplished typographer, and inspired his passion.

  2. Designfeed seems to have “abducted” abduzeedo’s page (as well as others as I poked around). Is this their business model?! Just went back and read the tiny gray and gray fine print and it turns out that it is. Okay…
    I think I’ll make like Emily Litella and just say, “Never mind.”

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