New Adobe TV is live

The new & improved Adobe TV site has just launched. According to the team behind it, “It’s the first website in the world to deploy a video player built with the Adobe Open Source Media Framework (aka Strobe), and one of the first sites built using Adobe ColdFusion 9.”

The site has a new look & feel, new features include:

  • User-customizable homepage
  • Vastly improved navigation & search
  • Support for saving your favorite episodes to “My Library”
  • Support for sharing videos on social networking sites such as Facebook, Digg, and StumbleUpon
  • RSS feeds of your favorite shows
  • Pop-out video player for viewing videos at any size
  • Commenting & Rating
  • Tags

Please give it a whirl & let us know what you think.

8 thoughts on “New Adobe TV is live

  1. Ah ah ah, even Adobe is not immune to the silly web-design trends. The website itself is OK, but for example, even the most viewed video (CS4 launch) with 416359 views has 0 comments. What does that tell us about people on the internet? Same thing with Highest Rated.
    Also, there needs to be light-switch that turns the site black. Watching a one hour video on white website is just a no-no.
    Search results need to remember what i selected in the filter drop-down menus.
    Top left logo needs to have [A] to the left of it. You are AGAIN miss-branding your sites, as you did with (when logo was right aligned). That logo needs to have on-hover visual change so it is obvious when users move mouse over it.
    Customizable homepage is just not needed. That’s technology just to showoff that you can do it. People in general (even powerusers) do not customize stuff like that. Instead YOU, the professional designers, should make supreme functional homepage. (That is why pimped-out cars look worse than the factory default made ones. People in the factory KNOW what they are doing, while aftermarket is just full of retards that think they know what is nice and what is needed.)
    Keep up the good work. =)

  2. Good comment, Daemon.
    I like more the old darker version.
    A bug I noticed: in video context menu there is “AdbeTVplayer” instead of “AdobeTVplayer”

  3. “My Library” is worth the price of admission to me. The site’s more responsive than before. Big improvement. Old bookmarks aren’t functional e.g. just leads to the tv.adobe site. Not a real problem but Adobe does have the habit of starting projects and moving on when a better idea occurs. Corporate ADD?
    I’m hoping Adobe TV is here to stay.

  4. @fr – the new French version of Adobe TV will be live in late October.
    @daemon – there is a “dim the lights” button in the player (exposed when you click on the button on the lower-right corner of the player) which darkens the page for a more focused viewing experience. Also, there are not many comments yet since commenting is a brand new feature that just went live 36 hours ago.
    @MD – There is actually a restriction in the Flash Player that does not let you use the word “Adobe” in the name of your player. We will correct this shortly.
    @Mike Skocko – The redirect from the old Photoshop page should be functioning again shortly.
    BTW you can always send feedback to, I personally read each and every e-mail sent to that address and take action where appropriate.
    -bob donlon
    General Manager, Adobe TV

  5. Awesome! Thanks =) But maybe put the dim the lights button out on the main interface level, not as a button inside that menu? Just a thought.
    Good job overall, let’s see what will happen out of it in the future =)

  6. So why did Adobe decide to can the Flash/Flex for an HTML/JS/CSS solution? I think its because the Flash/Flex version was getting sluggish and it’s probably hard to update.
    Any insight?

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