Adobe TV: Backup tips, Little-known PS CS4 features, & more

The reloaded Adobe TV is full of good content. Here are some may be of interest:

Digital Photos Making Your Hard Drive Sink Like Venice?

While in Venice, Kush realized what a viewer was going through as photos filled the disk. He talks to Julieanne Kost from The Complete Picture about how to archive and backup those priceless memories.

Top 10 Little-Known Features in Photoshop CS4

Join Julienne Kost as she goes over the top 10 little-known features in Photoshop CS4 that can make a huge difference in the way you work.

Profiles of Creative Pros: The Life of a Photoshop Artist/Model

Retouching taken to new extremes!

Designing Minds: Erin Fetherston

In this episode we feature fashion’s “it” girl, Erin Fetherston. Her romantic and feminine designs are loved by celebrities and critics alike.

3 thoughts on “Adobe TV: Backup tips, Little-known PS CS4 features, & more

  1. any tips or answer why when i hit a keyboard shorcut to switch between tools, it select the new tool and went back selecting the old one in a second ? because that would really make me save loooots of time… i have to it the keyboard shorcut 4 or 5 five everytime i need to change tools… such a waste of time…

  2. Jocker, what you are experiencing is called spring loaded shortcuts. To get this behaviour, Click and hold on one tool. If you just click fast on a shortcut, you get a permanent change.
    If you do experience this spring loaded while you just click on a shortcut, it might be a good idea to reset Photoshop preferences (hold CTRL+ALT+Shift as Photoshop launches)

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