PhotoSketch: Internet Image Montage

Oh, that’s rather cool, then:

I’ve seen various experiments at Adobe that fetch & automatically composite images, but the idea of basing searches on sketches is new to me. Details are in the researchers’ paper (PDF).
Almost completely unrelated, but in the spirit of cool image science, during last night’s sneak peeks at Adobe MAX, Dan Goldman showed a little taste of “PatchMatch” (“content-aware healing”) integrated into Photoshop. (As always, no promises, this is just a test, yadda yadda.)

7 thoughts on “PhotoSketch: Internet Image Montage

  1. This is actually 10 or 20 yr old technology. I know someone who made a tool like this 10 yrs ago.
    The problem is, most people can’t really imagine what to sketch to work this kind of search, so it’s a niche product, not mass market. But it’s still fun to do it.

  2. I don’t really care for the identity gentrifying animations. I really would like to see more video overlays though.

  3. If this works as described it will be world changing (well, at least my world). If it works well it could mean some art directors finally sending rough layouts that you can actually grasp. If it works too well it could mean a lot less jobs for a whole lot of people.
    “-Yeah, we need a middle-aged caucasian male holding a scotch in a yacht, a brunette sitting next to him and a corcovado sunset in the background.
    – OK, middle-aged caucasian male, brunette, yacht, corcovado sunset.
    That would be US$ 4.00 sir.”

    I don’t dig this kind of gig all that much, but it does provide income, so this feels unsettling thrilling.

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