Slicy exports PSDs as separate icons

Slicy reads your Photoshop layers, using their names to turn them into separate images for app or Web site.  According to the Mac App Store page:

To turn PSD elements into images for the Web and for Apps, simply name your layer groups once and let Slicy do its magic. Bye bye, “Save for Web/Devices”. Hello, boost in productivity and creativity!

Designers and Developers, rejoice — exporting is no longer a workflow killer. Name layer groups like the files you want to create, and Slicy will extract them individually. Enjoy complete freedom to move, obscure and even hide these named layer groups without affecting the extracted images.

Perfect for Web graphics and App development — Export to PNG, TIFF, JPG or ICNS. Don’t waste your day flattening or separating elements for slightly easier slicing. Design in context, rename your groups and let Slicy do the heavy lifting.”


I really haven’t tested the app & can’t vouch for its image quality relative to Save for Web, but its drag-and-drop simplicity is very nice. If you use it I’m curious to hear your thoughts. [Via Keith Lang]

3 thoughts on “Slicy exports PSDs as separate icons

  1. For app or even Website, you need (almost must) use Sprites. Not sure if this will work. Having one image file per icons, is at best the 90s way of doing things 😉

  2. @Jeremy using a CSS preprocessor you can make sprites from the assets.
    This is very useful when designing for mobile where you have a ton of PNG assets.

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