Watch a master illustrator at work

Check out Danny Cooke’s portrait of master sign maker David A. Smith exquisitely crafting an album cover & related artwork. And—gasp—does this mean I don’t hate John Mayer?

8 thoughts on “Watch a master illustrator at work

  1. Wow!
    An amazing craftsman with an incredible skill, I raise my glass to you David.
    Thank you for the insight into your wonderful work, which by the way was presented in a delightful video.

  2. In bygone years, I’ve done acid etching of glass, and even a bit of gold-leafing. But I’m not worthy to wash David A.Smith’s feet with my hair. What gorgeous creations!
    As for John Mayer, if he’d quit dating bimbos, shut up, and just play the sublime blues guitar of which he’s so capable, you would have to not hate him. But don’t worry; none of that will happen.

  3. Seeing that work makes me so jealous. The guy is amazing (the sign painter, not Mayer). I sure hope he really is passing along what he knows.

  4. Love this! Absolutely incredible stuff done like the classic craftsmen and a top notch craftsman to boot.
    Talent, dedication to detail, long hours and hard work to create masterpieces for those who appreciate the real thing.

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