Adobe Kuler gets enhancements (beta)

Check ’em out here. According to the product team, enhancements include the following:

  1. Extract color themes from an image: The original Kuler web app included the ability to extract a theme from an image. That feature is back. Just click the camera icon in the upper right corner of the Create page and choose a photofrom your library.
  2. A color wheel in two sizes: When we updated the interface many of our long-term users thought we’d made the color wheel too large. Now, with a click, the wheel can be larger when you need it and smaller when you don’t.
  3. Reduced borders around individual colors in a theme: Now you can see more of each color and the play and interaction between them.


5 thoughts on “Adobe Kuler gets enhancements (beta)

    1. >>Needs the ability to display CMYK through a profile<>50 cyan, 38 magenta 38 yellow is not ‘blueish’- it is as neutral as 50 k…<<
      Well now, that depends, doesn't it? Making a blanket statement like yours contradicts your first assertion that we need to know the profile. Compare the build values of a zero saturation neutral gray in SWOPv2 vs. GRACOL 2006. See? We need to know press conditions before we can make any statements about what C+M+Y+K creates.

  1. Size of everything on the Kuler size is now so huge, it won’t even fit on a full HD monitor (using Google Chrome 28).
    Another great update by Adobe, breaking shit that wasn’t broken.

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