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If you’re like me (and most people), you take a trip, take a bunch of photos & videos, never really go through them, think “Oh, I really should make/share a gallery or something,” and then fail to do so—maybe feeling vaguely guilty about it.

Google+ Stories changes that.

My boss Anil writes

No more sifting through photos for your best shots, racking your brain for the sights you saw, or letting your videos collect virtual dust. We’ll just gift you a story after you get home. This way you can relive your favorite moments, share them with others, and remember why you traveled in the first place.

Here’s a sample story made from Anil’s family photos. My colleague Ben says,

We’ve added not just the photos and videos but the travel information, places and restaurants you went to along the way,” says Google + product manager Ben Eidelson. “We’ve given this all to you automatically when you’ve gotten back from whatever you’re doing so you don’t have to stress about that on top of doing your laundry and unpacking.”

Here’s a nice summary from Ben & USA Today’s Jefferson Graham:

One thought on “Check out the new Google+ Stories

  1. Its really sad to see Google develop automation while not simply creating the ability for those who either do have the time and or those who want to actually control the ability to create there own stories. Ive gone into google pluse clicked stories and added some pics and video and Im still waiting?? No user interface to drag and drop and control or even the ability to activate the story! Seriously…. we dont need tools for people who dont have the time we need to allow people to make time to do the things that matter help tell stories! GOOGLE…. take my advice.. create a way for storytellers or those who care the ability to create there own stories without any automation!

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