“The 10-Second Résumé”: Tips from Googler Evan Rapoport

“This is not a how-to guide to get a job at Google,” cautions Evan (Google Maps PM for for Views, Photo Sphere, & Panoramio). Having said that, you might appreciate his perspective on how he scans for candidates.

Hand Jim a printout of your résumé and tell him he has 30 seconds to read it. But, after just 10 seconds, grab the paper back. Ask Jim what he knows about you from this.

I’m reminded of Steve Martin finally erupting in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: “Have a POINT! It makes it SO much more interesting for the listener!!

I also enjoyed this succinct advice from Laszlo Bock, who’s in charge of all hiring at Google: “[F]rame your strengths as: ‘I accomplished X, relative to Y, by doing Z.’” The rest of Thomas Friedman’s conversation with him is well worth a read.

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