Adobe previews new font-making technology, “Faces”

Wow—this app, which lets you interactively vary all manner of type characteristics, looks rather delightful to explore. I wonder A) how many people would take the time to use it, and B) whether the uniformity of its output makes type purists want to throw up. In any event I’m eager to try it out.


2 thoughts on “Adobe previews new font-making technology, “Faces”

  1. I haven’t been this excited about an Adobe sneak in years! I’m also eager to try out. They’ve enabled everyone to follow foundational type design rules and instantly produce something professional. I’m super Impressed.

  2. If this only works from preset base glyphs, it’s interesting. If it will be able to open and edit, then save ttf & otf files, it’s terrifying (Adobe Garamond Bold Italic Extended Stencil available on Creative Market real soon, copyright Joe Shmo). I’m also a little conflicted about the further degradation of the role of the graphic designer. If any ‘chimp’ with an iPad and an app can create (albeit ‘vanilla’) custom type (and save it as a functional font), isn’t this just further undermining the role of Graphic Designers, who are, after all Adobe’s core client base? Interesting and perturbing in equal measure.

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