Shared Albums arrive in Google Photos!

I think you’re gonna dig this. Quick demo:

For details check out Drew Olanoff’s TechCrunch chat with David Lieb. Dave leads the Photos PM team, and at Bump (where he was CEO) the team learned some important lessons building the collaborative photography app Flock. Dave says from experience,

It’s gotta be really simple to use this product. Lots of startups have tried to solve this problem, but failed. The friction is too high.

To that end, to collaborate with Google Photos:

People don’t need a Google account or any app to view the photos you share with them. To add their own, they just need a Google account.

 Drew mentions some of the creative potential that can be driven from pooled assets:

One of the more popular set of features in Google Photos is everything that happens within the “Assistant” tab. Right now, the photos that everyone shares in an album don’t get any special treatment, but hopefully that’ll change. Imagine sharing a few photos, your friends and family do the same and then boom…you have a killer collage or animation from many different perspectives. It most certainly is doable, and when you think about the possibilities for video, Google’s latest acquisition FlyLabs could become very handy for all of this.

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