AI: Computers learn to fake human speech, detect other fakes

Baidu’s Deep Voice 2 can eerily render sentences with numerous accents & other unique quirks; click through to hear examples.

In only three months, we’ve been able to scale our system from 20 hours of speech and a single voice to hundreds of hours with hundreds of voices. Deep Voice 2 can learn from hundreds of voices and imitate them perfectly. Unlike traditional systems, which need dozens of hours of audio from a single speaker, Deep Voice 2 can learn from hundreds of unique voices from less than half an hour of data per speaker, while achieving high audio quality. 

Conversely, Anti AI AI is a wearable detector of synthetic voices:

The device notifies the wearer when a synthetic voice is detected and cools the skin using a thermoelectric plate to alert the wearer the voice they are hearing was synthesised: by a cold, lifeless machine.

To quote the stoney falsetto of Towlie, “I have no idea what’s goin’ on right now…”


[Via Wayne Radinsky]

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