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In past posts I’ve talked about how our team has enabled realtime segmentation of videos, and yesterday I mentioned body-pose estimation running in a Web browser. Now that tech stack is surfacing in Google Photos, powering the new effect shown below and demoed by Sundar super briefly here.

Starting today, you may see a new photo creation that plays with pops of color. In these creations, we use AI to detect the subject of your photo and leave them in color–including their clothing and whatever they’re holding–while the background is set to black and white. You’ll see these AI-powered creations in the Assistant tab of Google Photos.

Thoughts? If you could “teach Google Photoshop,” what else would you have it create for you?


One thought on “Check out Color Pop in Google Photos

  1. Dear John Nack & Google Photos Team,

    This is really cool!

    If you really want to do something completely revolutionary with all that AI processing power then how about teaching the algorithm to find and automatically remove dust spots please!

    Think of the time savings that some variation of auto dust spot removal could create for photographers worldwide.

    Keep up the great work and thank you for the constant innovation.

    David Marx

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