Googlers win VFX Oscars

Congrats to Paul Debevec, Xueming Yu Wan-Chun Alex Ma, and their former colleague Timothy Hawkins for the recognition of their groundbreaking Light Stage work! 


Now they’re working with my extended team:

“We try to bring our knowledge and background to try to make better Google products,” Ma says. “We’re working on improving the realism of VR and AR experiences.”

I go full SNL Sue thinking about what might be possible.


Oh, and they worked on Ready Player One (nominated for Best Visual Effects this year) and won for Blade Runner 2049 last year:

Just prior to heading to Google, they worked on “Blade Runner 2049,” which took home the Oscar for Best Visual Effects last year and brought back the character Rachael from the original “Blade Runner” movie. The new Rachael was constructed with facial features from the original actress, Sean Young, and another actress, Loren Peta, to make the character appear to be the same age she was in the first film.

Check out their work in action:

[YouTube 1 & 2]

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