How to capture great flame images via an iPhone 🔥

Last month in Death Valley, I had the pleasure of assisting (in the most minor ways possible) Russell Brown in capturing some great flame imagery (like this). Now Russell has posted a handy four-minute tutorial on getting great results by adjusting one’s exposure during capture (via an interface I’d somehow never used!) and then tweaking the results in Lightroom:

3 thoughts on “How to capture great flame images via an iPhone 🔥

  1. Great video, but …

    I’m not sure why Russell didn’t mention using an older iPhone and stepping down the exposure by clicking on the preview and dragging the exposure control down.
    OK, it doesn’t produce a RAW file but still, it does the trick with flames (not as efficiently since it isn’t RAW).

    Of course if you do want RAW capability and the same control then you can just use LR on your older (or new) iPhone to shoot the picture to begin with.
    It will allow you to shoot DNG and it will allow an exposure range of -3.0 to +3.0.
    Plus it has great WB, ISO and many other great controls.

    I would have thought he would have promoted the capabilities of LR on the iPhone.
    With the post-processing in LR.

    1. I’m sure LR is available for Android ?
      That gives you the same capability on all phones – not just the latest iPhone.
      The main things being that it can shoot RAW.
      I can do this on my iPhone 8.

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