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Let Me Stand Next To Your Squire

Let-me-stand-next-to-your-Squire.jpg Loving wordplay as I do, I sometimes (okay, often) morph Finn's nickname "squirrel" into "squire," making him our little Squire. The other day I decided to learn what, exactly, a squire is and does (or did). According to Wikipedia, "The typical duties of a squire [i.e. things Dad will now expect of Finn] included:
  • Carrying the knight's dad's armor, shield, and sword,
  • Holding any prisoners the knight dad takes,
  • Rescuing the knight dad should the knight dad be taken prisoner,
  • Taking the knight dad to safety should the knight dad be injured,
  • Replacing the knight's dad's sword if it broke or was dropped,
  • Replacing the knight's dad's horse with a new horse or the squire's should the horse be injured or killed,
  • Dressing the knight dad in his armor,
  • Carrying the knight's dad's flag,
  • And protecting the knight dad if needed."
Alright! I think I'm really going to get into having my own squire. :-)


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If you get a squire, you'll put half of the folks at the 'dobe out of a job. Have mercy!

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