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March of the (Halloween) Penguin

Today marks Finn's first Halloween! Though he's too young for candy, he's definitely up for sporting a cute penguin costume and being strolled around town by his parents. All the shops along our neighborhood's main street take part in a big Halloween trick-or-treat event, so we got Finn suited up and ready to show off. Margot strolled him down to Lincoln Ave., where they were met by at least a few thousand parents and their costumed children.

The orange Bob made a perfect penguinmobile, and they wove their way through sidewalks choked with pirates, Elmos, ladybugs, princesses, monkeys, lions, tigers, and bears--oh my! (There were even a couple of Dorothys and Scarecrows.) Our Finny was the only penguin on parade and got many compliments on his soft, fuzzy outfit. Margot and Finn ran into our friends Mira & Anja (dressed as a strawberry), and Heidi & Liam (a sock monkey). Here are some pics (HTML) from the day.

Soon we'll be facing the onslaught of trick-or-treaters that descend on our neighborhood every year. We're stocked with 400 pieces of candy, so hopefully no one will go home empty-handed!


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If you're gonna dress the squirrel up like a penguin, the least you could do is add some bells. You know... have him go as "jingle tux" or something?

[The better to go with Jingle Duck! ;-D --J.]

Looks like he's getting more comfy on his feet with every passing week!

[Yes, to the eternal, infernal discomfort of my lower back... --J.]

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