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Math, plus jokes

Finn has lately taken a big shine to identifying pairs of things. For example, he'll point at one faucet, then another, and say "Two faucet!" Charmingly, on the way back from dropping off my folks at the airport, he volunteered, "Grampa Nack... Grampa LEE-gett... Two grampa!" And as noted at right, Finn thinks that he & Henry are both "(H)appy kid."

He's also started saying deliberately crazy things for the sake of getting a laugh. After he tried to orally decapitate an apple the other day, we told him not to eat the stem. "Eat the stem, eat the stem!!" he shouted, and we've made it a little game: "Should Hoot eat the stem?" "Nooo!" (big smile) "Should *Milos* eat the stem?" "Nooo!""

Even better, while sitting on the dipetorium the other day, he grabbed the little safety buckle and announced "Buckle poopy!" The buckle is, mind you, one of the few things that hasn't actually gotten poopy while up there (unlike Leo, Finn's hammer, his hands, etc...). I was kind of shocked. "Did the buckle get poopy?" I asked, genuinely curious. "Nooo!" he replied, breaking into a mischievous smile. As you'd guess, our lives now involve hearing many claims about innocent things getting poopy.

And on that note, hats off to our boy for officially discovering that adding the suffix "poopy" makes just about anything funnier. May this knowledge serve you well for years to come, son. :-)


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