December 30, 2009

Creepy Mousy II: Finnegan's Revenge!

Perhaps you recall our little friend Creepy Mousy, teaser of all ticklish little locals. Well now the creepee has become the creeper! Check it out:

December 29, 2009


Dad-O's gibberish + some background Bocelli = Christmasy good times on the play mat. :-)

December 19, 2009

"No Eh-SCAH-pay, Goonie!"

December 05, 2009

Yep yep yep yep... DOHHHH!!

Many if not most days, Finny & I start the morning with some "leche-bud" (milk) and some cruising around YouTube. Old Sesame Street clips are a big favorite, especially the Martians who say "Yep yep yep, AH-ha, AH-ha!" We especially love how they freak out ("Feek out!!") and hide behind their lower lips, saying "Dohhhh!" Today, playing off of this clip, we had a bit of fun with Finn as the wind:

October 24, 2009

Snoot Touch Station

Ah, and here we thought that with two young boys on hand, we'd never get to use our exercise equipment again. Okay, we were kind of right (in that we rarely exercise), but now through Finn rides, the "(E)lliptical!" and Mom-O's Pilates machine have new leases on life. Checkitout:

We've recently made our basement a tad more tot-friendly ("Now with 90% fewer rusty nails and sawdust piles lying around!"), and we're looking forward to taking things further (maybe disguising/disarming the metal poles as trees, etc.). Onward & downward.

October 21, 2009

Auntie Laura

As I mentioned in a previous post, Auntie Laura was here for a visit last week while John was off to the dusty desert with the guys (Hoot! Matt! as Finn would say.)

Since John, our resident photographer and blog-post illustrator/gallery maker was away, my post did not have any of the photos or video footage from her visit. So I'm pleased to announce that at long last, we have photographic proof of her visit, and here is the gallery (HTML) to prove it :D.

And here's a fun little video of Finny and Auntie Laura singing the "Banana" song. Finn is obviously very pro-banana unification!

October 19, 2009

"I See You, Sucka!!"

You cannot handle the cute. :-)

My favorite part is possibly Finn's enthusiasm for yelling out totally factual non-sequiturs: "TV room! Living room! Lion!" Oh, and just to defend my cardiovascular fitness to Hoot for a moment: yes, we'd been running laps like this for some time prior to my picking up the camera (pant, pant...). :-)

October 16, 2009

Creepy Mousy strikes again!

Grandma Nack does her trademark finger-walking game with both Finn & Henry in this action-packed installment of As The Nacks Turn ;-).

October 08, 2009

First Four-Way Family Vid

Okay, fair warning: this is one of those videos where Nothing In Particular Happens. Having said that, it's fun to see little Henry testing out his singing abilities (something he's been too quick to stop when I've reached for the video cam), and to hear Finny opine that it's time for his attention-getting brother to take a nap. :-) As Finn would say, "Checkkitout":

October 04, 2009

Double Tummy Time


With two squirrels to look after, it can be challenging for Dad-o to find quality face time with Henry. So when the weekend rolls around and the opportunity presents itself, the guys really take face time seriously! Since Henry's got to do some "tummy time" as part of his exercise regimen, Dad-o makes it a lot more fun by being the human playmat underneath our little guy. Here is a little taste of wee Henry and Dad-o doing some double tummy time.

September 24, 2009


I'm terribly behind in posting the photo & videos we captured during Grandma & Grandpa Nack's visit six weeks (!) ago, but I'm going to take a run at sharing more soon. Here's a clip of Der Finnster grooving on some play equipment ("Kinda steep!!"), joined eventually by Grandpa Nack:

September 12, 2009

"Kinda DEEP!"

Playing on our love of/terminology for slides ("Kinda STEEP!"), Finn has lately been asking to go "Kinda DEEP!" in the bed-cave we make upstairs. First we see the big guy & Dad-O go to town:

And next, Mom-O joins in the action!

August 14, 2009

Hughes News (aka "Mrs. Double-*U*!!"

Our pal Eileen Whitson, better known around here as "MrsW," reported recently that she learned of her son Bryan's toe-breaking via Finn ("Hoot! Doh-Mahn! Crack! Bro-kun! Gato. Dumpling"). "I think getting the news from Finn," she says, "may be even hipper than getting the news from Jon Stewart." Hah--that's some high praise indeed!

Here's Finn talking excitedly of Mrs. W. coming to visit, followed by a version of his toe story (with an intermission for "Broken Ham"):

August 11, 2009

"Only Binny"

The Finnfatha & I had a ball visiting multiple parks multiple times with the Nack GP's. Look for photos soon; in the meantime, here's some quality three-generational swinging action:

August 09, 2009

Surprise Lap!

As mentioned the other day, Finny took a real shine to Grandma's "Surprise Lap" routine, and we frequently hear him running around singing the little tune. Here's our pair in action:

August 03, 2009

"More Domendite!"

We've mentioned our weird family version of This Little Piggy, but it's never before been committed to film. :-) In this clip you can see Grandma Nack cracking Finn up, earning unending calls for "More Domendite!"

July 16, 2009

Hoot! Tom! Milos!

As we may have mentioned, Finn is *way* into hanging around with other guys, and he's particularly fascinated with our friends Tom, Hughes ("Hoot"), and Hughes's 4-month-old son Miles (nicknamed "Milos" & pronounced "Mee-loash"). He periodically likes to go on little riffs, calling out each one's name:

Meanwhile, the corresponding ladies (Bryan's wife Alex, and Tom's wife Sarah & baby daughter Harper) can't even make a blip on Finn's radar screen! That'll all change in time, no doubt, but for now, it's the Guy Show through and through.

June 27, 2009


As I'd been unable to capture Finn's auto-face-dunking on video, I tried to inspire him by blowing some bubbles of my own. Oh man, little did I know what I was getting into! See for yourself:

Now Finny periodically says "Bubbo!" and tries to drag me to the bath tub (regardless of time of day) for another session. I've been substituting regular viewings of this video, blowing his mind in the process. :-)

June 01, 2009

Der Bomber

Lately Finn has taken a crazy shine to my ridiculous "Der Bomber" jacket, peering excitedly at the coat rack every time he walks past. Here's a little video of him discussing "Bomb-O." :-)

April 28, 2009

Little Luchadores do Vegas

The Finnster (our little Mexican wrestling enthusiast--more on that later) had a great time meeting his Southern Hemispherical counterpart, little Bruno "El Pompín" Rozenfeld. Our pal/Brunito's dad Adolfo snapped this little gallery (HTML) plus a short video of the boys playing together. (Okay, at this age "playing together" mainly consists of Finn trying to sweep Bruno's head with a paintbrush while Bruno works to master sitting... but hey, it's a start!)

April 24, 2009

Din Din with Da Da

Ah, I should have known better than to tempt Finn's maw with the camera right before dinner! (Rest assured, the inevitable ensues.)

Too bad I didn't manage to capture the little guy saying "dinner." He's really getting quite good at it, along with saying things like "milk," "cracker," "noodle," and more.

March 28, 2009

Geepity Good Times

Finny's Liggett Grandparents arrived on Wednesday to spend a week with their youngest grandchild. Finn instantly warmed up to both Grandma and Grandpa, and has been having some high times (literally!) the past few days. Since John was in Boston for a Photoshop show this week, it was good timing for me--extra hands and extra entertainment for the little guy.

Finn has become Grandpa's little shadow, always making sure that he knows exactly where Grandpa is, so he can be sure to get in lots of good lap time, cuddles, and horseplay. In fact, Grandma and Mom have taken a bit of a back seat to the dudes! Happily, Grandma has gotten in some good storybook reading and lap time, too. Here is a tiny gallery (HTML) of recent adventures.

And here is a little clip of the aforementioned "high times" with Grandpa:

March 25, 2009

Stunt Buddy Leo

Daddy with the cam, Mama with the *SLAM*! Little Finn gets bounced around the couch (much to his evident delight) together with his wee wingman Leo. :-)

March 14, 2009

Squirrel Trapping!

Oh, the Finnster can run, but he cannot escape Mom's ever-lovin' clutches! :-D

March 09, 2009

Fun with Pea Pea

You know, normally I wouldn't call a bag full of Pea Pea "fun," but I'm happy to be surprised. :-)

A couple of days ago I got an unexpected treat from my colleague Chris Cox: he'd been at an art show in San Francisco, and he recognized the super-cute characters made by Conduct Happiness. He'd seen their work on my Adobe blog, and it turns out these guys got a lot traffic from my mention. To return the favor, they loaded up Chris with some great loot, including some stickers and a big stuffed pea-man we've dubbed "Mr. Pea Pea," all earmarked for the Finnster. Thanks, guys!

Long story short, here's our little guy learning to party with pea pea (plus a balloon). ;-)

January 27, 2009

Bathtime Stylings

Q. What's more fun than bath time?
A. Not too much! :-)

We recently snapped a few frames of our little trio partying in the tub (HTML). The only problem is that Finno is a little too fond of gulping down the suds. (You can see him planting his face into a pile on Mom's hand.)

On a related note, Finn has really been enjoying the tub toys his Nack GrandP's brought out at Christmas, and during their visit we captured him taking them for a swim:

January 15, 2009

Sunday in the Park with Jim

My dad & I accompanied Finno to the park near our house during their visit for a little quality time with the swings, not to mention the *delicious* woodchips :-). Here's The Swinging Nut-Quest:

January 07, 2009


Finn now recognizes the word "penguin" (an important skill around our house), and he's been having a ball with a new little stuffed buddy. In this video clip, Finno forcefully answers Grandpa's question of whether he's still sticking everything into his mouth. :-)

December 23, 2008

Puppy Book

Finn is starting to turn a fun corner & is seeing little inanimate objects as creatures. Whether we're walking little Fisher Price characters into the awesome new bus from our friends Matthew & Lori, playing with Jacques the Monkey (with apologies to Peter Gabriel), or checking out lots of other characters, you can see Finno's little imagination starting to fire up.

On Sunday we took him to the mall (hey, it's San Jose--not many alternatives), and he took a *huge* shine to a little board book that features a built-in finger puppet. Each page has a hole in it where the puppy can come out and do some antics. Finn is just fascinated, and he keeps flipping the book over, trying to figure out the connection between finger & puppy. (His little paw is just too small to work the controls. :-))

Here's a video of the small guy enjoying a Mom-powered puppy show:

December 18, 2008

Walking to DaDaDa!

I know we're kind of an easy crowd, but every day the Finnfatha blows us away with some new skill. His walking just gets more and more fluid. Milestones include no more goosestepping (okay, less goosestepping), pivoting at will, and now using a hand to steady himself while crossing obstacles (e.g. the 1" lip at the bottom of the baby gates).

Oh, and did I mention that he's saying "Da da da" like crazy?? I can't quite swear that he's referring to me, exactly, but as Margot will attest, I just beam when he goes off on these little spiels. :-)

Check out this evening's festivities:

December 16, 2008

Undercover Chuckles

*See* Mom and Finn hide under a baby-blanket tent!
*Listen* as Finny chuckles when the tent is lifted!
*Remember* how much fun it was to be a little kid doing goofy stuff with your parents!

December 10, 2008

Tube, tube, tube, Tube of Squirrel...

Grandma Nack let us open Finn's Christmas present early, and boy, is he enjoying it! Said gift is a "Thomas the Tank Engine" tunnel for him to crawl through. It's about five feet long, and he makes his way from end to end in no time! Here are a few pics (HTML) of our man "choo-choo"ing his way towards his dad.

Super mega ultra bonus: The tube navigator has been caught on video:

December 07, 2008

Random Acts of Hilarity

We never know what's really going to tickle Finn's funnybone. In this video, turns out that fake yawning and tugs-of-war over a plastic donut were just the ticket!

November 19, 2008

Bubble Beard

Finn's bath tonight turned out inadvertantly super-sudsy. I must've gotten distracted while I was squirting in the soap! Our boy quickly turned into a snowy, sudsy-bearded baby as he started picking up the bubbles and trying to eat them. Hilarity, of course, ensued. :-)

[He's the C. Everett Koop of babies! --J.]

November 13, 2008

Tiny Bubbles

We recently let our living room go the way of Lawrence Welk, blowing bubbles everywhere. Bubble Boy Finn seemed to approve. :-)

November 11, 2008

Halloween Leftovers

We refer to our friend Maria as "Maria-upon-Hallmark" due to her employer (and to distinguish her from my boss Maria). As you might imagine, Maria (-upon-Hallmark) is a master card-sender, and she recently sent Finn a Candy Corn-infused greeting. I snapped a few frames of him opening it (HTML), while Margot captured him trying to feed it to me (one of his new tricks). A careful observer can see how much gnawing he'd done by that point. :-)

Meanwhile Mom captured our flightless-but-cute buddy going on his very own March of the Penguin on Halloween:

October 25, 2008

Squealin' 4 Praties

When our friend Maria visited a couple of weeks ago (man, time is flying), she decided to try her hand at a little squirrel-feeding. Finn sang for his supper throughout, then sought to wash down the potatoes (aka "praties" in our book Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato) with a delicious bite of video camera.

October 01, 2008

"The Finest Cut of the Finny"

Our prime directive with FInny right now is to ensure that as much hilarity as possible ensues when we're all together. There is always a lot of singing, whistling, making funny noises, and other assorted shenanigans for our 26-inch tall audience. In the clip above, Finn was walking the line between tired-fussy and overstimulated-happy. I chose to err on the side of more stimulation and possible laughs, and what better place to start than the belly button?

September 29, 2008

Coughy Talk

Calling Linda Richman...

"I'll give you a tawpic: Coughy talk. It's neither truly coughing nor talking. Discuss."

September 22, 2008


It's Monday, and on the off chance you need something pretty undeniably sweet to brighten the start of the work week, we present the following uncut hilarity :-):

September 16, 2008

Bathtime for the Birdman

Rub a dub dub, there's a squirrel in the tub... :-)

September 13, 2008

Walker, Finnegan Ranger!

The Ministry of Silly Walks isn't just for Monty Python anymore: At six months of age, little Crazylegs Finn is sporting his own ambulatory antics:

The small man is bombing around the whole house these days, even venturing outside a couple of times. We love how he throws in little goose-steps, pirouettes, and Elvis-grade pelvic wiggles at completely bizarre moments. :-)

September 03, 2008

Squirrels Gone Wild, Part Deux

I recently warned my friend and soon-to-be-dad Hughes that if he thought pets were bad about bringing out the goofiest in a person (stuff that'd cause your guy friends to disown you in a heartbeat), wait'll he has a child. ;-) Margot sometimes asks what I'm chattering to Finn, and I have to assure her that it's too ridiculous to repeat. Exhibit A: Our little "Managing the Danger" routine:

As it happens, both Margot and I are out of town today (her in Seattle, me in Las Vegas), leaving the small guy in Carol's excellent care. Margot gets home late tonight, but I won't see Finn again until Saturday--my first overnight absence since his birth. I miss him already, but I'm sure Ted Nack (due to join me here in a few hours) will help keep things interesting until I return on Saturday.

September 01, 2008

Squirrels Gone Wild!

Q. Hey, when do you think we can officially consider Finn ticklish?
A. Oh, right about now...! :-)

August 28, 2008

Hair Chomp Theater

Well, I can't claim it's our most cinematic outing with the video camera (to say the least), but I thought it would be fun to film Finn trying to capture the latest object of his "Get That In My Mouth" campaign--namely, dad's hair.

Lately when I've had him sitting or standing on my chest, he makes a beeline for my face, then starts trying to gnaw the top of my head. In this vid you might notice that my hair is already wet from a few previous chomps. Fortunately, unlike with my face, he can't break the skin up there!

August 18, 2008


As Margot mentioned earlier, we've just started offering Finn some solid chow. Man, he takes to that stuff like it's his job! I captured a gallery of his first bites (HTML), as well as a little video from a follow-up feeding, below. My mom says that when she first offered me some solids, I lunged at the spoon. Now I know what she meant!

July 23, 2008

Finn is out*STANDing* in his field

Our amigo enjoys a little popping and locking with the Old Man. Can sessions of "Dance On My Chest*" be far behind? :-)

*Formerly played with Uncle Ted, who at 6'4" is just a bit too large for the game anymore.

July 21, 2008

Gimme Chicken!

We're spending lots of time figuring out new ways to make Finn laugh. He seems to really enjoy funny noises, whistling, and being tickled on the belly. To that end, I have been giving him some "chicken"...which comes from a former colleague of mine who would ask you to hold out your hand, at which point he'd form his fingers into a "beak" and peck at your hand while saying "bok bok bok". Since Finn can't really offer me his hand very reliably, I give him chicken on his belly and his cheeks, which are guaranteed to elicit some big smiles and laughs.

How many pictures of Finn? "Hundreds!"

Our Finn-o is starting to anticipate more and more, and this naturally leads to good fun making him wait for some "zerberts" on the belly, then delivering the goods! Today we got in some laughs in the back yard. Enjoy. :-)

July 14, 2008

Storytime with Dad

In addition to taking evening walks, Margot & I really enjoy reading Finn all sorts of books. (I calculated that we've read Goodnight Moon easily 120 times by now!*) In this video I attempt to enthrall our little reader with tales of aerospace adventure. :-)

* Each time, just to keep things fresh/be weird, I try to make a new reference to the illustrator's smoking habit--one "cured" by Photoshop! (Margot is an eye-rolling good sport.)

July 01, 2008

One Tall Baby

Q. "Hey, Finn, what are you up to these days?"
A. "Oh, about 2-foot-one..." ;-)

June 20, 2008



Now I feel like we should put one of those little Christian fish on the back of our car, except that the fish should have a big fluffy tail... like this:

June 19, 2008

Father's Day Song

File under "Morning Becomes Adorable" ;-)

June 18, 2008

Finn Nack, Great White

Just when you thought it was safe to go near the play mat...
   daaaah NUH, daaaah NUH, daaaah NUH...

We used to think that Finnegan was part whale, but now we know the truth: he's actually a voracious Great White Shark! Make the mistake of venturing too near his maw, and you'll soon feel like Roy Scheider in Jaws.

The kid's devotion to getting anything & everything possible into his boca is impressive--and it's *growing* :-). Behold what happened just after I tried to wipe away a little drool:

June 15, 2008

Papa's Got a Brand New Bob!

Cue the James Brown: "Papa's got a brand new Bob! (Heeey!)"

Man, who woulda thought I'd get to the point of raving about a sweet, sweet new stroller?? And yet here we are. :-)

Margot, knowing Finn's & my shared penchant for long weekend walks, scored us a pretty terrific Father's Day gift--namely a silky-smooth, fast-wheeling Bob stroller. Check it out!

She gave it a bit early (yesterday) so that we could enjoy a full weekend's worth of rolling funder (oh jeez...). Behold!

Thanks again, Nut! ;-D

June 01, 2008

Long Day's Journey Into Boca

"In a world gone mad... Can one young hero navigate the Terrycloth Frog all the way into his mouth??"

Suspenseful, isn't it? :-) Tune in below to watch the Finnster try to put these new "hands" of his to practical use:

May 17, 2008


Small man on the big screen! :-D
Just press Play, below...