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Adobe’s “Enhance Details” promises higher res, fewer artifacts

Enhance!” The latest changes in Camera Raw & Lightroom promise to improve the foundational step in raw processing:

The composite red, green, and blue value of every pixel in a digital photo is created through a process is called demosaicing.

Enhance Details uses an extensively trained convolutional neural net (CNN) to optimize for maximum image quality. We trained a neural network to demosaic raw images using problematic examples […] As a result, Enhance Details will deliver stunning results including higher resolution and more accurate rendering of edges and details, with fewer artifacts like false colors and moiré patterns. […]

We calculate that Enhance Details can give you up to 30% higher resolution on both Bayer and X-Trans raw files using Siemens Star resolution charts.

Hmm—I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the resolution claim, at least based on the results shown (which depict an appreciable but not earth-shattering change). Having said that, I haven’t put the tech to the test, but I look forward to doing so.

For more info check out the related help doc plus some deep nerdery on how it all works.

New 65mm “Apollo 11” looks amazing

I am, as the kids would say, there for this documentary:

The film is comprised entirely of archival footage and audio:

Miller and his team collaborated with NASA and the National Archives (NARA) to locate all of the existing footage from the Apollo 11 mission. In the course of sourcing all of the known imagery, NARA staff members made a discovery that changed the course of the project — an unprocessed collection of 65mm footage, never before seen by the public. Unbeknownst to even the NARA archivists, the reels contained wide format scenes of the Saturn V launch, the inside of the Launch Control Center and post-mission activities aboard the USS Hornet aircraft carrier.

The find resulted in the project evolving from one of only filmmaking to one of also film curation and historic preservation. The resulting transfer — from which the documentary was cut — is the highest resolution, highest quality digital collection of Apollo 11 footage in existence.

I also loved this music video made using mission audio & imagery:

[YouTube 1 & 2] [Via]

Mavic 2 gains waypoint support, pano fix

Being able to preset one’s flight path on a map seems like a great way to set up shots that transition from day to night—especially cool when done with hyperlapses. Now to find a sufficiently interesting area in which to try it. See below for a demo/tutorial.

Oh, and there’s a really significant (for me, anyway) tweak hanging out in the corresponding firmware update: “Fixed issue: could not open Sphere panorama photos in Facebook.” The absence of the correct metadata was an ongoing pain that prevented me from seeing panos as interactive in Google Photos or making them interactive on Facebook. I haven’t yet installed the update, but I have my fingers crossed. [Update: It works!]


“Epoch”: A warp-speed tour powered by Google Earth imagery

Whoa—apparently Irish Wonder Twin Powers involve an insane work ethic for finding interesting earthly patterns:

I was getting a sense of deja vu watching this, and PetaPixel helpfully writes,

If project reminds you of “Arena” by Páraic McGloughlin, there’s a good reason for that: Páraic is Kevin’s twin brother and the two had originally planned to create a single collaborative video before splitting and working independently on two separate videos while working in the same office.


Hey Porter!

Just a little drone fun my Mini Me & I had in Barstow, CA, at New Years (with a big hat tip to Mr. Johnny Cash):

And on the very off chance you’re interested in having a very rail-savvy 9-year-old tour you around the Western America Railroad Museum, well, you’re in luck. 😌


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