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  1. Hi,
    We have never met i think, but i believe you my know who i am. I’m the creator of a digital art program named Studio Artist, and the president of a boutique software company called Synthetik Software. In an alternative universe could have very easily ended up working besides each other, which i can elaborate on if you are curious.
    The reason why i’m reaching out to you is that i have a new V6 initiative for Studio Artist, which involves a complete redesign of the entire product, including both the concept of what an application like mine even should be these days, as well as a complete redesign of how it is built internally. I have a long winded essay that discuss some of my thoughts on the second part, how would one go about architecting the underpinnings of a very sophisticated cross platform image processing application if starting today rather than the late 90’s. I’m trying to pass this by as many people i know who might be able to intelligently comment on these technical challenges i face as possible. And i thought you might have some good suggestions, due to your particular background with photoshop. If you are interested, i can even pass it by you, although you seem more of a design and manager kind of guy rather than a code monkey, and a lot of the stuff in this essay involves ‘how to code it’ decisions. But you might find it interesting.
    Studio Artist probably always seemed like an exotic strange bird to someone on the Photoshop team, because while we both were designing image processing programs in some sense, our design goals could not have been more different, which is why the 2 programs are so radically different.
    I live on Maui now days as opposed to being parked in the bay areas like i was when i originally started Synthetik Software, so my local options for bouncing technical ideas around are extremely limited (and that’s stretching it), as you might imagine if you have ever traveled to our lovely island.
    You might also be interested in the other part of my V6 puzzle, which involves rethinking what an application that does the kind of things Studio Artist does should even be in todays world. We currently are cross platform on mac and windows. We want to extend that support to ios, android, and windows tablets. And we want to move away from the old ‘one large monolithic application does everything’ model to something much more modular. More of a flexible environment of small parts that work together to do everything we do now and more.
    So anyway, there’s my introduction, what i am hoping to achieve, and i’d love your thoughts on any technical people you might know who might be interested in reading my little ‘how do i face the future’ essay and also be willing to offer their learned opinions to me on the technical challenges i bring up in this little essay.
    Congratulations on your move to Google as well by the way.
    This is obviously a personal message for you, as opposed to a public comment on your site, which i think is pretty obvious, but i wanted to make sure it didn’t end up posted here on the Disclaimer page of your wordpress blog. I just don’t know your email, so i used this method to get in touch with you.
    john dalton
    synthetik software

  2. I love this blog. I’ve been following it for years. I am always so proud when I see something on here that I discovered before you, and I love the kind of things that you post. I have been using Adobe software since I was very young. I was disappointed at first when I heard you were leaving Adobe, but I like the way you handled it and I still love what you have to share. I have recently been inspired to work on a new project to challenge myself and to explore everything I’ve learned about Photoshop over the years. I have been taking a single image from my back log of photos I have taken over the years, and I am creating abstract pieces out of them using various Photoshop techniques. I wanted to share my project with you because I thought you might enjoy it.


    1. Thanks for the heads-up. I don’t have any control over the old blog, and I expect Adobe to shut it off completely soon enough. Sic transit gloria…

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