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Design: BMW -> Lego -> BMW

How this for some Inception? Back in January, Lego released a 603-piece Technic BMW R 1200. Then the BMW Junior Company unit took Lego’s design and transformed it into a full-size aerial motorcycle called the Hover Ride Concept. Check out the process:

What happens when you put together a team of LEGO Technic designers and a BMW Motorrad engineer?  Watch this short documentary and immerse yourself in the journey of the two teams from recreating the iconic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure to pushing the limits and transforming the alternative LEGO Technic model into a real life size BMW Motorrad Concept Hover Ride.



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Oculus Medium lets you sculpt in VR

“Why isn’t using Photoshop more like dancing?” I used to ask teammates—making them look at me like I’d just ripped a giant bongload in the stairwell. I meant of course that I wanted to offer a more fluid, immersive, physically expressive way of working, not one dominated by clicks & keystrokes.

Progress can take a while, but Google’s Tilt Brush (see recent) & now Oculus’s Medium let you synthesize art in 3D space. “Built specifically for virtual reality,” they say, “Medium lets you sculpt, model, paint, and create solid-feeling objects in a VR environment.” Check it out:



Demo: An augmented reality sandbox

My Lego dam breach-loving sons would likely dig this thing (literally), especially in a drought:

The Verge writes,

[T]his special sandbox uses a Kinect sensor and a projector to create an interactive topographical map with real-time water simulations… You can use your hands or a shovel to push around the sand to form mounds and valleys, and the software uses the Kinect’s distance readings to overlay a color-coded topographic map atop the sand — red means high elevations and blue the opposite. If that weren’t enough there’s an accurate water simulator: open your hands above the sandbox and you’ll rain down water into the virtual world, which will then flow naturally and gather in the lowest-lying areas. 

Cue my typical invocation of Brave New World.



Google open-sources tech for making giant interactive displays

Check out AnyPixel.js:

AnyPixel.js is an open source software and hardware library created here at Google, making it possible to use the web to create big, unusual, interactive displays out of all kinds of things. Anyone can take the code and the schematics to create their own display at any scale or level of expertise.

The first display using this platform is in the 8th Avenue lobby at the Google NYC office. To create this installation, the team used 5880 off-the-shelf arcade buttons as the pixels.


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“Augmented” reality? Agony & ecstasy

Holographic body modification? Snapchat lenses rendered in real life? “They Live” playing live?

At Google I/O I started freestyling with an attendee about what we might see when—not if—wearable augmented reality becomes mainstream. He was concerned about kids like his teenage daughter punching metal into their skin, grafting on horns, etc. What if, we mused, one could apply little patches (like the NFC-enabled tattoos we were handing out) and use them to totally modify how others see us, changing everything from gender to species on the fly? If current behavior is any indication, we’ll all be human-taco hybrids. (A quarter billion views in a day! I still can’t get over that.)

Expecting less personal expression than corporate oppression, Keiichi Matsuda has conjured a terrific dystopian rendering of such a world. Check out “Hyper Reality”:

Which directions will all this take? Seems we’ll know sooner rather than later. See you in the future!


“Seductive death machines”: The beautiful titles of “The Night Manager”

“I’m guided by the beauty of our weapons
First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin…”

I stumbled across these sumptuous, fetishistic visuals from Patrick Clair & co. & was immediately captivated:

The Art of the Title Sequence’s interview is well worth a read:

Think about when these flares might be fired in real life, in the final moments before the impact of an incoming anti-aircraft missile, in the moment just before the near-certain death of all aboard. That’s quite a swan song, and quite a breathtaking moment of spectacular pyrotechnic beauty and lethal human tragedy.