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Imagine Peter & The Wolf dropping acid…

…and feeding it into Cinema 4D.

Tobias Gremmler used a modified baton and 12 cameras to capture conductor Sir Simon Rattle’s movements & create these thrilling visualizations:

I created dynamic visuals based on the movements of the conductor and music, and extracted high resolution stills for the visual identity of the orchestra.

It starts with the arms of the conductor forming a hexagonal shape that propagates like sonic waves in linear space. When the music becomes louder, the linearity gets bended by the motion of the baton, which results more complex visual arrangements. Textures, colors, materials and lights are inspired by classical instruments (wood, brass, wind, strings) and the atmosphere and architecture of classic concert halls. In the last sequence, the conductors motion turns into strings. The waveform of the sound adds to the form of motion, like mixing audio waves.

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Augmented dance: Projection + power

I’d love to see this in person:

Colossal explains,

Pixel is an innovative dance performance conceived by French performance artists Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne, known collectively as the Adrien M / Claire B Company, in collaboration with hip-hop choreographer Cie Kafig. The hour-long performance incorporates a host of digital projection mapping techniques, 11 dancers, and bills itself as “a work on illusion combining energy and poetry, fiction and technical achievement, hip hop and circus.”


Cronenberg-esque robo finger for your phone is creepy AF

Wanna turn a nice sunny afternoon with your spouse into a “Nope!”-filled discussion of body horror? Well then bring this vid into your eXistenZ, my friend:

The Verge writes,

MobiLimb is a robotic finger attachment that plugs in through a smartphone’s Micro USB port, moves using five servo motors, and is powered by an Arduino microcontroller. It can tap the user’s hand in response to phone notifications, be used as a joystick controller, or, with the addition of a little fuzzy sheath accessory, it can turn into a cat tail.

And I write, “See ya!”




3-wheelin’ EV feeling

“Oh, that’s easy,” said my wife on our first date, answering my question about what kind of car she’d be: “I’d be one of those little three-wheeled French jobs like Audrey Hepburn drove in Funny Face.” Ever since then we’ve had a thing for three-wheelers, putting one on our save-the-date wedding card.

It’s hard to imagine the electric Nobe car really hitting the highways, but I love the look of it:



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ZOMG: A life-sized Lego Westy

Ladies & gentlemen, we are approaching Peak JNack…

Using 400,000 LEGO® bricks, two experienced LEGO® model makers have built what is probably the world’s biggest camper from LEGO® bricks. The full-size T2 was revealed at the leisure and travel fair in Munich. Visitors young and old to (20 – 24 February) will be able to admire the 700 kg Bulli up close. The vehicle that served as the blueprint for the model was the T2a camper van, built from 1967 to 1971 – to this day the truly iconic camper for globetrotters.

See more photos & details here.