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Adobe TV: Lightroom coloring techniques & shortcuts

Recent vids of possible interest:

  • The Complete Picture with Julieanne Kost: Selective Coloring Techniques in Lightroom
    In this Episode of the Complete Picture Julieanne Kost explains two different methods for selectively colorizing an image to differentiate the subject from the background using Adobe Camera Raw.

  • Creative Suite Podcast: Photographers – 5 Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts that will Speed up your Workflow
    In this episode I’ll show you 5+ Lightroom Keyboard shortcuts that will definitely speed up your day-to-day Lightroom workflow!

  • Adobe TV begins community translation

    The Adobe TV team has announced the Community Translation project, designed to make training content available to more people in their native languages.  According to the team:


    • Anyone with fluency in English and at least one other language can apply to be a translator.
    • Participants in the program use a simple, intuitive interface provided by our partner DotSUB to translate the closed-captioning titles line-by-line.
    • Once approved by a reviewer, the translation becomes available as a closed-captioning track on the video, and also appears as a searchable, interactive transcript alongside the video.


    There have already been 154 translations completed, in 25 different languages.  Here’s a list of translated videos.


    New Adobe TV videos for photographers

    As always, good tutorials are making their way onto Adobe TV. Some recent examples:

    • Photoshop Basics Series: Creating an image reflection

    Presenter Dennis Radeke says, “Many times, I’ve seen great work that was somewhat spoiled by the fact that it employed a reflection as part of the design. Creating a reflection on any image is a fairly easy thing to do and in this episode we’ll look at some techniques to make a convincing and realistic reflection within Adobe Photoshop.”

    • Sync Your Photos from Lightroom 3 to Your iDevices

    In this episode I’ll show you how to set up the Hard Drive Publish Service to allow you to continue to manage your photos in Lightroom, but also sync them to your iDevices via iTunes without using iPhoto.

    • Photographers – Mini Bridge

    Every now and then it’s much easier to show someone than to try to explain it to them. After a few emails from Beau about how to use Mini Bridge? I just decided to make it the topic of this week’s Creative Suite Podcast.

    Adobe Lightroom 3: Needle in a Haystack

    When you need to find a specific image among a huge number of images, filtering can provide an excellent solution. This jump-start will provide you with a sense of the power of filtering to find an image within Lightroom.

    Photoshop User TV – Episode 206

    The countdown to the new set is winding down. In the meantime, check out this interview with Adobe’s Julieanne Kost.


    Adobe TV: Samurais, photo library management, & more

    Adobe TV is hosting some new Lightroom- and Photoshop-related content:

  • The Russell Brown Show – Samurai Poster (Part 1)

    In part 1 of this 2-part episode, Russell Brown shows us his personal tips and techniques on how to extract an image from a green screen background using Adobe Photoshop CS4

  • Lightroom for Digital Photographers – Synchronizing Folders

    In this episode we’ll show you how to import and organize your images from multiple sources into one logical place.

  • The Complete Picture with Julieanne Kost – Selective Focus

    In this episode of The Complete Picture, Julieanne Kost shows us how to get great results with the Lens Blur Filter in Adobe Photoshop CS4.

  • Photoshop With Matt – Color Balancing Multiple Parts of a Photo

    Color balancing one part of a photo often makes another part look worse. It can be difficult to perfect all parts of a photo. Luckily the Adjustment Brush, a new tool in Photoshop CS4 Camera Raw, lets us achieve good color in multiple parts of a photo.

  • Short and Suite – Building Animated Lower Thirds in Photoshop

    In this episode of Short and Suite, Jason Levine teaches us how to animate Lower Thirds in Adobe Photoshop and then use that PSD in Premiere Pro and After Effects CS4.

  • Adobe TV: 3D patterns, working with shadows, & more

    Adobe TV is hosting some new photography- and Photoshop-related content:

  • The Russell Brown Show – Painting 3D Patterns

    Join Russell Brown as he shows you how to literally paint tiled 3D patterns in this Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended tutorial.

  • The Complete Picture with Julieanne Kost – Using a Secondary Display

    In this episode of The Complete Picture, Julieanne Kost shows you how to use 2 monitors to take advantage of Lightroom’s dual monitor solution.

  • Photoshop User TV – Custom shapes, shadows, & more

    Dave and Scott have a custom shape tool and a shadow tutorial respectively. Scott invites everyone to join his Photo Walk and David DuChemin is in the studio to talk about his new photography book.

  • Design Premium CS4 Feature Tour – Creative Suite 4: New Features for CS1 Owners

    If you’re using Creative Suite 1 you’re not only missing out on the cool new features in CS4, you’re also missing new features added in CS2 and CS3. In this episode, Terry White shows you just some of the amazing functionality you’ll get by upgrading to CS4.

  • Adobe TV: Masking, cloning, and more

    Adobe TV is hosting some new photography- and Photoshop-related content:

  • Designing Minds – Ben Watts (Part 1)

    This episode of Designing Minds features industry-praised photographer Ben Watts. In the first of a two-part series, Ben discusses the power of photography and how his love for the craft enables him to capture timelessness in a frame. He goes on to discuss how the streets and youth of New York City influenced his early work, later shaping his process and practice for commercial work.

  • The Russell Brown Show – White on White Masking

    In this Adobe Photoshop CS4 Tutorial, Russell Brown show us how to use the masking tools in Photoshop on really complex problems such as masking a polar bear standing in a field of ice and snow.

  • Photoshop With Matt – Cloning With a Preview in CS4

    The Clone Stamp tool got one of the best upgrades in CS4. The Clone Stamp brush now has a preview that let’s you see exactly what you’re about to paint with and exactly where to place the newly cloned area.

  • Creative Suite Podcast: Photographers – Mobile for iPhone

    In this episode, you’ll learn the features of Adobe’s new Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch

  • Adobe TV: Triptychs, fashion design, & more

    You might find these recent video tutorials interesting:

  • The Russell Brown Show – Painting Patterns

    In this Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended tutorial, Russell Brown shows you how to create a tiled pattern and apply it to an image so that you can paint with patterns.

  • The Complete Picture with Julieanne Kost – Creating a Triptych

    In this Adobe Photoshop CS4 tutorial, Julieanne Kost shows you how to open 3 images at once in Photoshop and then easily arrange them into a Triptych.

  • Creating Time – Photoshop’s Content-Aware Scaling Helps You Save Time

    Learn how to use the revolutionary Content-Aware Scaling feature to automatically recompose an image as you resize it, smartly preserving vital areas as the image adapts to the new dimensions.

  • Learn Photoshop Elements 8 – Share Albums Online

    Learn how to use a wizard-guided workflow and templates to create a personalized album. Then, learn how to share your album online at

  • Photoshop CAFE TV – Converting Video to Smart Object Layers

    Jeff Foster shows you how to convert video layers to Smart Objects and when to use them. If you want to apply a filter or effect to video in Photoshop CS4 Extended, this is a skill you need.

  • Designing Minds – Jose Duran

    In this episode we feature up and coming avant-garde fashion designer Jose Duran. He reveals the inspiration behind his wearable art.

  • Adobe TV: Monster creation, Web optimization, & more

    You might find these recent video tutorials interesting:

  • The Russell Brown Show – Halloween Monster Make-Up Kit

    In this special “Halloween” edition of the Russell Brown Show, you’ll learn how to turn people into monsters. Russell even gives you the files you’ll need to do it!

  • MAX 2009 Design – Photoshop CS4: Essential Techniques and Killer Tips with Terry White

    Learn the must-have skills for working with Photoshop and digital images, including color correction, masking, image restoration, and retouching. Terry White will answer the most frequently asked questions on working with digital images and more.

  • Visual Design – Photoshop CS4: The Essentials of Image Enhancement for Web and Flash Designers

    Learn essential skills for using Photoshop CS4 to produce images that look great and load fast for the web and for use with Flash Professional. We’ll reveal hidden optimization tools and quick techniques for making images look their best, and more.

  • Visual Design – Edit Quicker and Faster in Illustrator CS4

    Join Design Evangelist Rufus Deuchler as he shows how you can save time when applying and editing fills, strokes, effects and more with the new Appearance panel in Illustrator CS4.

  • Adobe TV: Removing distortions, using Quick Select

    These recent posts on Adobe TV might be up your alley:

    Photoshop With Matt Kloskowski: Removing Distortion from Wide-Angle Photos

    Wide-angle lenses often introduce distortion into photos. Tall buildings look like they’re leaning over, and, depending on how close you are to your subject, some things may look like they’re bulging or curved. This tutorial will show how to fix that.

    Photoshop for Digital Photographers: How to Train the Quick Selection Tool

    Improve the quality of your selections by first training the Quick Selection Tool. This simple technique shows you how to make better, more accurate selections in half the time.

    Adobe TV: Backup tips, Little-known PS CS4 features, & more

    The reloaded Adobe TV is full of good content. Here are some may be of interest:

    Digital Photos Making Your Hard Drive Sink Like Venice?

    While in Venice, Kush realized what a viewer was going through as photos filled the disk. He talks to Julieanne Kost from The Complete Picture about how to archive and backup those priceless memories.

    Top 10 Little-Known Features in Photoshop CS4

    Join Julienne Kost as she goes over the top 10 little-known features in Photoshop CS4 that can make a huge difference in the way you work.

    Profiles of Creative Pros: The Life of a Photoshop Artist/Model

    Retouching taken to new extremes!

    Designing Minds: Erin Fetherston

    In this episode we feature fashion’s “it” girl, Erin Fetherston. Her romantic and feminine designs are loved by celebrities and critics alike.

    New Adobe TV is live

    The new & improved Adobe TV site has just launched. According to the team behind it, “It’s the first website in the world to deploy a video player built with the Adobe Open Source Media Framework (aka Strobe), and one of the first sites built using Adobe ColdFusion 9.”

    The site has a new look & feel, new features include:

    • User-customizable homepage
    • Vastly improved navigation & search
    • Support for saving your favorite episodes to “My Library”
    • Support for sharing videos on social networking sites such as Facebook, Digg, and StumbleUpon
    • RSS feeds of your favorite shows
    • Pop-out video player for viewing videos at any size
    • Commenting & Rating
    • Tags

    Please give it a whirl & let us know what you think.

    New Photoshop & Lightroom videos

    I’m passing along a few Adobe TV links you may find interesting:

    Shortcut to BrilliantMarcus Bell: Tonal Curves

    Renowned photographer Marcus Bell talks about the tools he uses to capture those fleeting and precious moments in everyday life.

    Shortcut to BrilliantMarcus Bell: Blending Modes

    Renowned photographer Marcus Bell talks about the tools he uses to capture those fleeting and precious moments in everyday life.

    The Complete PictureTimesaving Features in Lightroom 2

    Join Julieanne Kost as she shows you a multitude of Adobe Lightroom 2 features that can make a huge difference in your overall workflow in this Lightroom 2 tutorial.

    Photoshop for VideoNon-Square Pixels

    Instructor Richard Harrington explains how to mix images with square pixels and non-square pixels in Photoshop. Brought to you by Creative COW.

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