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Google talk tonight about deepfakes & combating disinfo

7:30pm Pacific time, streaming free via YouTube:

In this talk, we’ll discuss the current state of AI-generated imagery, including Deepfakes and GANs: how they work, their capabilities, and what the future may hold. We’ll try to separate the hype from reality, and examine the social consequences of these technologies with a special focus on the effect that the idea of Deepfakes has had on the public. We’ll consider the visual misinformation landscape more broadly, including so-called “shallowfakes” and “cheapfakes” like Photoshop. Finally, we’ll review the challenges and promise of the global research community that has emerged around detecting visual misinformation.

New tech creates flowing cinemagraphs from single images

Researchers at Google, Facebook, and the University of Washington have devised “a fully automatic method for converting a still image into a realistic animated looping video.”

We target scenes with continuous fluid motion, such as flowing water and billowing smoke. Our method relies on the observation that this type of natural motion can be convincingly reproduced from a static Eulerian motion description… We propose a novel video looping technique that flows features both forward and backward in time and then blends the results.

The results are rather amazing.