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  1. Google and Nack, a marriage made in heaven. I’ve been following both of you for a long, long time, too bad you aren’t a stock…would have done just as well as your new employee.
    Everyone’s feeling lucky!

    roger barone/philadelphia

  2. Hi! I wish you the best in this new adventure, I’m sure you will rock at Google!
    By the way, I loved this quote you mentioned on one of your posts at your Adobe blog:
    ‘Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.’—Goethe
    Thanks for sharing it and for all the good job you did at Adobe. You’ve undoubtedly made an impact in a lot of people all around the world!
    Anasthassia Murillo

  3. John,
    Just heard the news that you are Google bound! This is a great place for you to apply your vast experience and innovative expertise. Best wishes to you in this great new assignment. Let’s stay in touch.

  4. John .. long, long time since I have read your writings. I was a regular reader when you were posting from Adobe. Good stuff. Graham Owen (maker of the realistic flies, you wrote about back in 2006 – and now designer for German lighting creator, Ingo Mauer) posted a ‘flashback’ to that article. Graham and I have been ‘Facebook friends Not Yet Met’ for several years now. I am grateful for his resurrecting your writing into my consciousness. I have subscribed and catching up. Looking forward to digging in and seeing what the ‘Nack’ has to so say now’days. Best.

  5. Hello John!
    I truly LOVE Snapseed, but importing images into PHOTOS for backup is not working.
    When I attempt to copy my images from my iPad into the PHOTO app on my iMac, many are copied just fine, but . . . I am alerted in a long dialogue, that it cannot copy 122 images that all appear to be named exactly the same–Snapseed.jpg. It tells me that those are NOT being copied, (same name) but It is impossible to determine which images are NOT getting backed up.

    Apparently, ALL images are saved with the same title—Snapseed.jpg?

    As a result, SOME of my work is backed up, but many are NOT, and there does not seem to be a way to even KNOW which are not copied.

    Any thoughts on why the app writes all files to the iPad with the same name?

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